This is Just Too Much

I’m having a bad day. Nothing’s just seem right, you know. It’s like everything that had happened today was SHIT!

I miss my mom and my baby sister. My mom won’t just visit us and I understand her because she’s busy and everything but still, I couldn’t help but feel depressed when I think about it especially now that I’m feeling all terrible.

I just had a group reporting this morning and which I wouldn’t really considered a ‘group’ since I don’t remember doing some ‘report’. Danee and Juris were my group mates, the original plan was, we ditched the task and problem solved! But then, Juris presented himself and told us it would be a waste of grade. Now, this morning, his report was a total loser. We were better off not reporting. And to make things worst, there was this girl in my class booing our report, saying things like it was a waste of time that it would have been far more better if the professor did the report. What a BITCH!

I learned nothing today in my classes. You may think that the problem’s on me, but trust me, you wouldn’t want the kind of teacher I’m having now. They’re boring and nonsense. Every thing they said is  nothing but a bunch of garbage. I know I’m mean but hellooo my parents are paying for my tuition and not to mention it’s expensive!  Why were they even hired? They just talked about stuff that don’t have connections to the topic. They discussed things based on their OPINIONS, which I don’t care whatsoever! I want facts! Damn you!

Oh here’s the biggest part of my day, we just had a new nanny yesterday. She’s pretty young like two years older than me.  No problem with that. The problem’s that she talks too loud, every time I’m in the house I can hear every word she speaks. The worst of all, there has to be always a sound in every thing she does, she bangs the door, the plates are clinking when she touches it, her footstep, couldn’t she just make it a little more gentler? Speaking, something funny happened just this evening. My father went out of the comfort room frowning and asked “Who pooped last?”(in our language) and we told him that we haven’t even entered the C.R. yet. And so there were only two candidate for that, the two nannies, and before my father came in in the bathroom, the new nanny was the last one to enter. Me and my brothers burst into fit of silent giggles. Thank goodness that they didn’t understand the question since the word pooped was said in a different language that the two nannies had no idea.

Hayyy, this was a long nagging of mine. Haha sorry can’t help it. Sometimes I need to let out of my feelings. I wouldn’t blog any of this if mom was here right now with me. I just miss her. 😦


I may have exaggerated some few things especially about the nanny part. I wasn’t really upset about her. It’s just me I guess but I’m NOT saying nothing of what I’ve said about her was not true. Blah blah! Enough of my blabbering.

I still got my 12 questions to answer about The Inconvenient Truth. Help me my friend, Google.

                                             Mines Truly,


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