Shame on Them



It’s funny how money can transform people into something worse than a monster. They will do anything it takes for that person to go down with them. How cruel can our world be?

It’s as if they that person is  totally different from whom I’ve known or maybe all along that person wasn’t really who I thought he was. Sorry if I’m just blabbing nonsense or what I say is not connected to whatsoever.

Worst people TEND TO JUDGE a person without knowing anything or any reason as to why that person is like that. You see, we don’t have the right to do that. Think first. Why is that person acting like that? Maybe that person has a serious concern about that thing or a bad history.

That’s true. One effects of money.

I’m not saying I’ve never judged a person. But at least I do it with moderation. I know my boundaries, I know when to stop and when I’m hurting other people.


They are blinded by money that they couldn’t see the goodness in every person. All they see is that, that person on their way is a hindrance in achieving their GOAL. They thought that every person has a bad motive on them. Why do you think they conclude that? Simple. Because they do it themselves. Get what I mean? If someone has done something good to them they’ll think ‘oh, maybe he needed something that’s why he’s so good’. Couldn’t they just think that they did that because it was the right thing to do and not because they needed something. They are so ‘maisip’ to the extent of doubting the goodness of others. Ugggh, I can’t seem to get it to the point. It’s hard to explain things like this.

I wish things were much easier for us. I’m starting to doubt that karma will ever come to them. I thought things were getting better, well that’s what we thought. I could talk ’till doomsday but they’ll never change.

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