Crave Be Gone

It started last two weeks when I was having my finals week. I was very bored. I was laid then to my bed staring at the ceiling thinking what I could possibly do. And then my plea was instantly answered: I had this sudden yearning to talk to a stranger. So I went to the first thing that came to my mind: Omegle. Where else?

Omegle may be full of nasty strangers and surprisingly underage people but there are those that are kind and fun people. You just have to be keen. There are also those who start off as a sweet guy but end up using the words boobs, p*ssy, and other eck terms for that matter.

It could be hard sometimes. Finding a nice chat is rare in Omegle. So when I did find one, I was glad. I found a guy from my country so it was easier for me to communicate with him. Tho usually, if you’re in the same country the tendency is to disconnect because it’s like where’s the fun if you’re gonna end up talking to your fellow countrymen. Anyway, so I asked him if we should DC each other and he refused. So we talked and talked until I was talked into giving my FB account. It wasn’t scammed people, if that’s what you’re waiting. πŸ™‚ Long story short, we talked almost every night. And it was fun and exciting like I was kind of looking forward for the day to end just so I could talk to him already. But like everything, the thrill wear off. We still chat each other, tho anyone could feel that we’re starting to get tired of it.

There was no blaming, it was bound to happen anyway. The important thing is that we enjoyed each other’s time and I got to have a friend for a while. And even though ending our little fling was a waste at some point, it was still thousand times better than staring at nowhere while lying in bed.

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