Party Pooper

Ever had an interesting convo with someone and just when the talk was getting good, that person suddenly dozed off right in the middle of the chat?

Well damn, if it hasn’t happened to you yet, I’m wishing it would never happen to you like EVER. That feeling when you have all the ideas lined up in your head because what you were talking about was so interesting you could just die at the moment but you can’t actually die because you enjoy chatting up with someone who seem to be genuinely interested in what you were talking about. And all of a sudden, *poof* he’s gone dozed off to Wonderland and you’re left alone thinking what an idiot you were thinking he actually gives a sh*t to your babblings. Tho he MIGHT really gives sh*t to the matter on hand, it’s just that the uncontrollable fuzzy feeling of drifting off took over him. Still, too bad.

There’ll be next time. Tho I doubt if I’m going to have the same enthusiasm I had the last time.

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