Hangover Overload

Can’t get over the fact that things aren’t doing well ya know. Or maybe not that it’s not doing well. It’s just that things have their endings. And there are things that might have ended for me and that’s just sad. Or maybe it’s just a plain hangover!

I’m not totally gonna be specific here so Ima use the word ‘thing’ on this whole shit. Whatever. Okay so, thing one. I know I DID handle it right. Just that when I’m kinda used to having it around me and you know there came a point when I totally want to say ‘the words’. But that thing just suddenly broke things off. I mean I know I don’t make sense right now but IDGAF. And so you know, even tho I told myself it’s gonna be okay. I still gave it a chance and waited for it to be fixed. I gave it a day. Waited for it and I even told myself I’m ready to give my best you know. I mean I did give my best for that thing. And I’m willing then to give more than what I think was my best. But nothing happened so I decided to end it at night. And at that point, was the end of any possibilities. But then I found myself with it again the next day. I wanted to know its condition so I checked up on it. Found out it’s doing more than fine. Found out there were scrapes underneath it tho. Why hadn’t I noticed it before? Idk. Must have covered it pretty well during those times. 😏 Smh. I told you, no promises. Fu. Loyal my ass. You hurt me right but you do it nice, eh.

Thing two!
Day two since that happened. Best thing. 😀 I’m trying to forget it now. Too much is bad for my system ya know. :)))

Thing threeee in relation with thing two. Ermm, let’s not ever forget about it, ayt?

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