Ohmygosh! I can’t believe this day! Couldn’t I be more miserable?!

• Left my school ID and CALCULATOR
Had to passed the other gate because I left my ID. Damn it why did change my school bag again for the nth time and now look what happened! Not to mention I was getting late for my scheduled exam. Once I enter the premises, I was stopped by two guards and asked for my concern. Told them that I lost my ID. 😉 Take note that I’ve done this many times so at that point I was just like okay I’ve got this. But then when the guards asked for my permit that’s when I realized I left it with my calculator! My permit was slipped inside my calcu so that means no calculator for my major exam for this day. What a luck! I must have been dozing off when God showered his share of luck cause what happened next was beyond my imagination! I have never been questioned by any student official not to mention OSA! 😱 To my dismay, the guards call for the office of students affair and they let them handle my case. I got to talk to an officer and I was asked for my student information, reason why I left my ID blah blah shit. And I can’t believe the lady I talked to, she was suspicious ’cause I told her I have a subject like this and that today was my scheduled exam for it and she went blabbering that that particular subject was a Monday subject so why would I take the exam on a Thursday. AND I WAS LIKE AREN’T YOU AWARE OF THE DEPARTMENTAL EXAM YOU FUCKIN’ IDIOT YOU’RE A FREAKIN OFFICIAL WHY ARE YOU MAKING A FOOL OF YOURSELF. But then again, angelic as I am, explained that today was the scheduled departmental exam and then she was hesitant for a moment like she didn’t believe a word I said. That bitch! Finally she told me that I have to visit the office to ‘confirmed’ my lost ID. Fuck you. I ain’t going nowhere near that office I was fuckin’ late in my exam so I hurriedly went straight for my classroom and hooray I got in just in time. The only problem was I had no calculator and almost half of the question given was all computations🔫. Retake next sem = summer grad. 🔫✖️1⃣0⃣0⃣

• Jeep Incident + Traffic
Okay, so you probably think I should have gone early to avoid traffic, right? Am I right?! I knew it that was what you were thinking. Anyway, *hands up* it’s not a bit of my fault! The jeep suddenly just jerked forward and I mean HARD! And then all hell broke loose. Next thing I knew, people were pushing the vehicle until the jeep jerks forward again. And I mean this time a STRONG kind of jerking! Good thing my reflexes are fast. 🙊 Kidding, but I survived! That counts.

Need I say more 😂

•On my way home
Just when I thought my night was in peace, I tripped on my way home. Ouch! That sensitive part of the leg again!!! 😡 And hooray I was really trying to hold my patience cause in just a few minutes I’d be home but then! I don’t know what’s with this day… The world seems to be conspiring against me. The. Guy. I’ve. Been. Avoiding…was in the same ride with me. I couldn’t hold to just ignore him ’cause he’d be suspicious so I said hi first and immediately put my earphones back before he could start to chitchat me. The ride couldn’t get any faster! It was really awkward and much to my stupidity, I took off the ride and noticed the place was all too unfamiliar. Figures I took off to the wrong street. Smartass.

To my surprise, my favorite uncle in the whoooole universe dropped by with her wife and cute little baby. Also, tonight’s dinner was awesome! None other than my favorite Adobo! 😀 I guess this day isn’t bad after all. At the end of the day, I got to see my adorbable sister, my caring lola and my mom. I’m grateful enough not to mind those small matters! And hey, I only got one last exam for this semester then I’m done! 😌 Sem break here I come! 😔 Ughh… Why does my heart all of a sudden feel weird. Guess it’s gonna miss someone over the vacation. 💁 Let’s not fret about it!


slowly drifting wave after wave

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