Bye Bye January

Babush January! Hello Febraury! One month down for this year but SO MUCH has happened already! 😊 I swear January only lasted for like 5 minutes to me. Many things to remember for last month. Here are some of them:

β€’ Best time I’ve ever had with πŸ‘Ά
β€’ Roadtrips and Bloopers with the best people
β€’ Fruits and Takoyaki time with Tee
β€’ Late night getaway in Tapsi Terminal
β€’ Winning a bet against Busch 😏
β€’ Experiencing first legit interview πŸ˜–
β€’ Realizing it’s a small world afterall πŸ˜…
β€’ Meeting Jasz + CWC + Bob Marlin
β€’ Mind fucked moments with Tee (Bed peace!πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚)
β€’ Shisha sesh with them boys
β€’ That late awkward night πŸ˜†



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