August 11, 2015

I wasn’t going to make a depressing post at first. ☝️ But then, this last thing happened when I came home just 15 mins ago so shut up and lemme talk.

My mood went downhill when I learned my Visa got denied. 😓 No more trip to the land down under. I got all hyped up for nothing. Stupid documents. 😒 Then I also saw something that made my heart go breaking into pieces. Yeah sorry for being too vague, there’s just things that aren’t meant to be announced public. Anyway, there’s also this thing that I’m waiting up until now but haven’t come yet. It’s driving me nuts. 😥 So I thought maybe hanging out with my friends would make me feel better but it was only at first. Cause at the end of the day, I was feeling down again. I went home and wash myself. When I entered the bathroom I forgot my phone was in my back pocket so you know what happened next. I really didn’t pay much attention to my phone after it was rescued. I couldn’t take what was happening myself anymore so I took the stairs and went straight to type this out.

Why should I have this kind of day? Really, why now?

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