Oh No, He Just Dropped The Bomb

I wasn’t sure if the world was conspiring against the last post I made, but someone just confessed feelings to me. It totally took me by surprise as we were talking about mundane topics when he suddenly jump into all seriousness. Confusion more than flattery was what I felt after he dropped the bomb. How could he just throw away what we have?? Was our current relationship not enough for him? It’s saddening, friend. I can probably just count my true friends in my two hands. I’m not saying anything has to change between us but I can’t act as if I heard nothing. At least, I am not someone who can act normal after confessions.

We’ll see.




2 thoughts on “Oh No, He Just Dropped The Bomb

  1. I’m always in the other camp. I think if you feel could be something more, you should let someone know. Hopefully it’s mutual, but if not, then you can stay friends.

    Years ago I had a best friend. We did everything together, and if people ever saw us apart they’d comment how weird it was. Our other friends always joked we might as well be a couple, and we always laughed it off. But the truth is, I was madly in love with him.

    After a few years, when I was in a relationship with someone else and had moved on from my feelings for my friend, it came out that he had felt the same way. I was eternally grateful things had worked out the way they did as I was in a great relationship at the time, but there’s always the what if.


    1. You’re lovely to share this wonderful story to me. Thank you. I’m really glad it worked out between the two of you. All those struggles must have been worth it! 🤧But I guess you were right about staying friends if I don’t feel the same way. I just wish he thought about the risks and consequences before doing so. We’re thousand miles apart and we haven’t seen each other in such a long time. Even so, he’s been such a good friend to me and I want us to stay the way we were.

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