Calm Down, It’s Friday

Hi there. It’s currently 10am on a Friday. I’m just taking a quick break from my work. How you all been doing? Me? I’m doing better, really. Even though I did not pass my road test the other day, it’s not something worth to be stressed about. I’ve been busy though. Later after work, I will start packing my batch 2 items to be picked up on Sunday. I’ve been actually feeling not bad, you know? I just realized it now. A year ago, I didn’t have any inkling of what my life’s gonna be after graduation. Not to say that I have it now because I still don’t, trust me. But I mean, I’m less scared than I was a year ago. That counts for something, right? I can say I’ve grown a lot over the past two years and even more after I graduated. Having the pressure of being an adult will certainly give you all the life lessons you need to grow.

I realize some people might describe my life as boring and uneventful. Not to me though, it’s not. If I could extend my body’s battery for a day, I would. But I only have 12-15 hours a day to do the stuff I need to and that’s not even enough on some days.

Let’s not forget the fact that it’s Friday today! And nothing could go wrong on any Friday. Hihi.

Well, well. Have a great weekend folks!


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