Hello 26 ✨

I just turned 26 yesterday. I took a 4-day vacation from work to take a rest. It was exactly what I needed after a stressful month.

My friends gave me presents that I actually could use omg. One gave me a Swiss knife which is the complete replica of what I lost 5 years ago—I screamed a little when I received it. I also received a hairdryer which is so useful because mine broke a month ago and my hair has been looking like it belongs in the jungle. A big thanks to all of you for actually giving me something practical. 🥺 This is the best birthday I’ve had in Canada. I didn’t enjoy my birthdays when I was still living at White Rock. Not only was I living quite far from Vancouver at that time, but also I was stressing with my studies.

Two days before my birthday, my ex-housemate planned a dinner with us at DT Vancouver. We had drinks after work at Cactus Club. It was our first night out together. Hopefully, there’s more in the future!

The day before my birthday, I made stuff happen on my special day. I realize that waiting for something good to happen without doing something about it is just stupid. So I bought myself a cake and candle to blow at midnight. I also ask my housemates if they could celebrate it with me. It worked pretty well because on that same day we had a little gathering at the house, so everyone was in a party mood. Just minutes before midnight, two of my other friends crashed the party and made it even more fun. I love how it all turned out in the end.

On the day of my birthday, I woke up late around lunchtime. I was too drunk from the night before. But I still managed to have afternoon drinks with my Filipino friends. They gave me a 1.14L Jack Daniels as a gift. Damn it. I was planning to go clean na after my birthday. Charot. I really should because I’m having my vaccination next Saturday. Anyway, we went to an ice cream shop in Richmond. They were no tables available inside, so we crowded outside the shop. Good thing the weather was nice!

And that’s how my birthday celebration went. It sounded so chill, but I’m so glad I have today as a rest day to recover from all the madness. I am extremely grateful for all the people who made my day special! Now, I can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow and wait for Friday to come again! Hahaha. Always something to look forward to, right?

Thanks for reading, love.



4 thoughts on “Hello 26 ✨

  1. Hey Glaire! Happy Birthday! Glad that you are now looking forward to something that will make your day great. I laughed when you asked your housemates to celebrate your birthday with you. Imagine if they say “no” hahaha. Anyways, I know you had a blast. Keep it up!

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    1. THANK YOU DROO. I can’t believe I didn’t reply to this 👀 Haven’t I?! Haha pls don’t laugh! I think they loved it too. But anyway, they won’t have much choice bc I would’ve blackmailed them 😂

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  2. I watched your birthday vlog again (for the 3rd/4th time 😂) after reading this! it was so heartwarming. you really made that day your own. It was nice seeing you, your friends, and your special someone celebrate it with you. I’m so glad you have people who match your vibe and take care of you even when you’re far from your home.

    Buying yourself a cake seems like an interesting thing to do. I’ll make sure to include doing that on my birthday too.

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    1. Eeey glad you enjoyed my bday vlog. Even I watched it a couple of times! I realized this entry is more like the written version of what I showed on my vlog, right?! But super glad I was able to document it all. It’s not every year you get to have a blast on your birthday. On some years, your birthdays are just meeeh.

      Personally, I like celebrating my birthday. It’s not complete without blowing a candle, so I really have to make sure that I have one. And let’s face it, you don’t know that people are actually gonna buy a cake for you every time. We gotta face the truth and make things happened for ourselves. Haha and it’s not always a bad and sad idea to arrange that for ourselves. It just shows how much we love ourselves. Me, myself and I gotta stick together! 🤍✨

      make things happen for yourself,


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