expect it on a monday

I never know what to write at every beginning of my post, so here I am writing about it just to get started. It’s currently 1 AM and my eyes feel heavy from a long day I just had. I guess my week started right as I was productive today. I got off work early today for my biometric appointment—omg I gotta share this story.

Last August 27, I finally heard back from my PR application. I received a Biometric Instruction Letter around 5 PM that day. It was funny because I was out with our director and I was like, ‘OMG I think I just received my biometric letter instruction.’ He was as ecstatic as I was! Based on the timeline from the other applicants, if there won’t be other documents required, then it won’t take long for me to hear the final decision. I’m hopeful! I know it’s too early to tell, but I feel happy to share the news already. I don’t know what’s got into me, but I feel like sharing every little news to the world from hereon regarding my PR journey.

Continuing with the happenings today, as I said, I had to get off from work due to an appointment. It was for my biometric appointment. I booked it right away when I received the letter last Friday. I would’ve done it right away the next day, but the office is closed on weekends. I went straight after my work and got late a little bit. I got too preoccupied with my work huhu—another story to share, here we go:

Finally, we are moving to another office starting next month. The building manager emailed us this morning that the key is finally available to be picked up and that we can move our things right after. Upon hearing about it, I was instructed to start packing. And start packing I did. Tomorrow afternoon—technically, later—we will move everything to the new office. I was told to come late to work tomorrow, as I will finish late due to moving and setting up the new office. I don’t mind. So that’s what happened today at work. I was hoping I could start with a new edit tonight after my appointment, but then—damn another story coming up…

After my appointment, I went straight to Costco. I traveled half an hour from downtown to Richmond and met with my friend there. We went shopping—well, I mostly did the shopping. It was for my balikbayan box to be sent next month. The majority of my purchases are for my business, anyway. So when I got home, I had to sort everything out that took the rest of my evening. I so badly want to start editing 😦 I need to at least get started if I want to get it done and uploaded by this weekend. And now I can’t see it happening because I realize how busy I am this week, what with the moving and packing my balikbayan box. I sooo much want to make it happen. If I’m able to do so, then it’d be a whole month of consistent uploads. My my! I guess I have to surprise myself this week and be a superwoman.

I’ve got so much to share, but I’m afraid my whole body is starting to protest for a good night’s rest.



3 thoughts on “expect it on a monday

  1. Dear G,

    I am so sorry if you feel like it’s weird that I’m here this early. LOL I feel like a hungry animal waiting for any of your blogs to consume. It’s just that it’s currently 12:00 am here and I was looking for stuff to read to make myself sleepy and my gut feeling told me to check your blog. My guts rarely failed me. This is another proof of it lmaoo/ Well, I actually noticed you update once a month and expected another update on the third week of September but I guess it’s a happy September 1st for me? XD

    I’m so glad you finally received an update for your biometrics!! I would’ve paid just to see your initial reaction when you first read it :)) If you can, please do vlog your initial reaction for your approval! (I believe in my gut and you’re also claiming it so it’s gonna come ASAP). I’ll do a mini celebration for your success when that day comes. If you don’t mind, how many months has it been since you worked in your current job? If my knowledge from watching all the student pathway vlogs serves me right, it’s amazing how fast your PR process actually is! I hope you receive it sooner so you would have fewer things to worry about.


    I’ve been so curious to ask about your company though. I’m not sure if all the information from all these vloggers got it all mixed up in my head or what but you’re working in Tim Hortons right? Did they also support you for your PR application?

    Anyway, don’t push yourself too hard. Your viewers will be patiently waiting for you. Even if you update once a month, the quality keeps on getting better so there’s nothing really to complain about. Just do it whenever you feel like it so it doesn’t feel like work and so that you won’t get tired of it.

    Congratulations on getting nearer that PR and for your new office, G. I hope the new place would be more comfortable and a better place to work in. I also hope we’ll see a glimpse of your new office environment soon!


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    1. Haha no I don’t find it weird at all! I actually read your comment the instant you left it but I was having a hectic day yesterday.

      Haha my initial reaction was relief more than anything. It was the first time I received any confirmation whatsoever ever since I applied for my PR. 🥺 Actually, it’s almost my 2nd year anniv in my current workplace! Hehe

      Yes, I’m working with them but not directly if that makes sense. That got me curious, you’ve heard my work info from other vloggers? Do tell more! And no, they didn’t need to support me for my PR. 🙂 The PR program I took didn’t need one, just the employment letter and stuff…

      It’s really sweet how my viewers keep up to date with my contents, no matter how inconsistent I was before. But it’s also refreshing to feel that I don’t feel like it’s a burden to me now—uploading regularly, I mean. But thank you for those encouraging words. ☺️

      Actually as I type this today, I am sitting in my new office. Just tryna warm up myself before I start my unpacking, which I will try to vlog 🤣 hopefully I can vlog everything. Otherwise if I don’t, just know that I gave up bc of all the mess.

      have a good night,


      1. I’m not quite sure if it was from the other bloggers or from you though. I can’t find the vlog but if it really was from someone, I think its from someone studying in Toronto. My memory sucks at times so I don’t really know if I’m typing facts haha

        Good to hear your pr application didn’t need to involve your company though. and of course, you make people feel like they’re not alone on their journeys. So maybe that’s why people really appreciate your vlogs.

        I should get going now. Have fun in your new office and no worries if you can’t document it!

        Good night


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