healing week 💖

I’m sitting in one of my favorite cafes–not that there’s a lot of them–and writing this right now. I forgot to bring my AirPods case, so I didn’t have a choice but to listen to the people around me. I think this is the first time all the chattering didn’t actually bother me. It’s nice. So how I got here was interesting. Let’s back up a little bit and let me share with you what happened the entire week. Well, just the gist of it.

It started exactly a week ago when I had such a fantastic day. It was mostly going to the cinema and watching a Ghibli movie(talk about a dream come true for me), a mini coffee meet-up followed by a fun all-nighter. I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. I would probably say that I had just entered a new phase. I’m not sure how to explain that exactly. Anyway, I haven’t shared about this(ofc my blog gets the first dibs duh) but I finally got an update for my PR application. I feel that the news had helped me be in such a good mood the entire week like I could be down for anything. So throughout the week, I had this unlimited energy because of the anticipation for my PR. The thing tho is I am old na huhu. So at the same, I felt lutang the entire week and sleepy.

Back to now, I decided not to spend my entire Saturday at home and got my lazy ass to this cafe. I did most of my to-do list for the day and that makes me feel so accomplished HEHE.

So later on, I’ll be meeting my friends for dinner which I also initiated. Huhu I’m proud of myself. But yes girl, you got this. Let’s keep up with this energy!

Have a great weekend!

Me loves you!

♡ G ♡

3 thoughts on “healing week 💖

  1. WHAT I cant believe I was late for this wonderful wonderful news! Oh wow 🤯 congratulations, Glaire!!! I hope you celebrated it in the best way you could, this is such a huge milestone! I’m throwing my own (self) party for this. Really, really proud of you.

    To greater things and happier days 🥂✨


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