Who’s G?

Hey, beautiful soul. Yes, you

I’m so excited you stumbled upon my blog.

I’m a twentysomething Filipina who have lived in different countries just because I am a restless soul. I’ve lived in Chicago for some time and it was the best decision ever in my life. Sadly, nothing is permanent, only change. And now, I’m a graduate student living alone in the city of Vancouver at Canada. Honestly, as much as it sounds grand, I’m not really sure what I want in life. I’ve said that for years now and not that I’m proud about it. It’s just that acknowledging it, I think, helps me address the problem and face it, you know what I mean?

Mostly, I post about very personal stuff like how my day went, how I’m feeling or even the little things of who or what made me happy. I am mostly inspired by the people who have a lot of energy and positivity in life. I get inspiration with the people around me who continuously support my weird fascinations in life. Snapping portraits of people makes me happy and anything that will lead me to either creating a beautiful photos or movie out of it. Traveling is my passion. I’m that one person in your group that decides and plans everything on your trip. Traveling gives me so much life. I love it.

Lastly, I would love to know about you. Nothing makes me happier than getting to know a stranger who reads my blog. So please, please, don’t be shy to leave a comment down below or hit me up anywhere on my social media accounts. I would love to meet you in person too. If you want to collaborate for anything, I’m definitely open to that.

Peace out


12 thoughts on “Who’s G?

  1. Hello Glaire!!❤️ Im watching your youtube vlogs!! 😊 i hust want to ask if are you leaving alone in Canada? Because I’m an intern here in the United States for a year and after this I want to proceed a study and work in Canada But I don’t have any family. Do you think its a good option? What did you study in Canada? Sorry a lot of questions in my mind.. sending love xx


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