A Memory I’ll Miss

I positioned myself where I could both hear and see what everybody else is doing. I am having a great day so far. It’s 3 PM and they’re in the middle of fishing some tilapias while I retreat myself in a secluded corner where I can write my thoughts. Today, I came to visit grandmother in Tigaon, a more province place than where I live. Growing up in this town makes me appreciate the simple life and understand the simple ways of life.

Earlier, I walked my bare feet on the soil to get some fresh eggs to the farm. I shrieked loudly like some sassy city girl when my foot submerged to the mud knee-high. It was too late for me to turn back and so I moved forward. It was another humbling experience for me. My uncle has a pool that is 5 feet high. My brother, sister and I ended up cleaning and brushing the pool because we plan on using it. It was so fun exerting such hard work together with them. I will definitely miss this.

This moment is so rare that we’re complete together. Now that we’re growing up, the chances of us getting all complete in one place are thinning. And so, I cherish every moment I get with them that’s why I decided to write down this moment. I always want to take a break from everything that’s happening because I would want this to be remembered forever or even etched somewhere in a writing or a picture. Now, I have to get back and live this moment with them.

I thank you for your precious time for reading this.

Always grateful,


Last Half Month of 2017

Hooray for finally making another blog update on this site. I may have been a little bit obsessed with some freelance work. And it’s all thanks to Saki! Thank you, haha!

Let’s see, 10 days before Christmas…Who’s getting excited?! I am not that hype up about it, though. I mean, the food is definitely something to look forward to but my fam isn’t too big on gift givingsβ€”and that’s just my main concern, really. But yes, all is good. Meanwhile, I didn’t enroll in MMA this month because I feel like I’d be wasting my money on this holiday season. You know how it is with the Filipinos and their holiday celebrations. The food, the bonding, the everything. One day just won’t suffice for it all so better save my precious money for next year. Also, I’ve been in contact with my agent again regarding with my visa documents. A few more requirements but I should be fine by next month. And of course, December won’t be complete y’all if it didn’t have a storm coming up on our country. So, everyone’s locked up in their houses because the weather is starting to get bad. No classes but hopefully it doesn’t get bad as last year because that’s just too much.

So there you go, a quickie update for y’all. I hope you guys are having an awesome day night or whatever! πŸ™‚ Stay safe and dry! Love ya. πŸ™‚




Unpleasant Day

I’m feeling sad today. It’s like the feeling I had when I heard about the death of our former mayor Jessie Robedo, only worst.

This morning I woke up to find my dad panicking and hurrying to go outside. Just as I was about to ask, I heard the car engine roar and he’s gone. I asked my yaya what was it all about and she told me that Master Square got caught in fire. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I even thought she was shitting me. I mean I just woke up and that’s what I hear first thing in the morning. Uhuh not good.

If you’re wondering, Master Square is one of the remarkable establishment here in our town. It’s a supermart(?) and I’m positive almost everyone knows the place or have been already in it. The owners are family related to us so it affect us deeply.

I peeked outside the window and surely enough I saw black clouds of smoke from the distance and I’m pretty sure that’s where Master Square is located.

From what I heard, the fire started at 3am but the firefighters were so slow in corresponding that the fire got bigger which makes it harder to handle.

10:30 am and I’m on my way to my school which is just a walk away from the establishment. On my way, I saw firetrucks reloading water from the side of the streets. It’s what..7 hours then and there’s still fire?

I got a call from my dad and he told me he was with uncle (one of the owner) outside their building this morning watching the fire eat up the building. He said nothing was left even the bodega was ruined.

One of the worst feeling I think, is to see your own damn building or whatever it is that you’ve put your time and heart in be destroyed and you’re just there standing waiting for it to end because there’s nothing that you can do about it.

This is really sad. Everyone I know seems to care and it’s glad to know about it.

Anyways, who would have thought. Just last week, I bought something from MS and now…

Well everything happens for a reason, I believe. Let’s just pray for them especially for the people who just lost their jobs and the family affected.

Carry on, carry on!