World Youth Day

Just another on my Bucket List.

I’ve been hearing things about the World Youth Day so I did a little research about it and found out that it is a one-week activity celebrating the Catholic faith. I’m interested even though I have no idea about the activities included. I have read some reflections and experiences regarding WYD and it got me inspired. They said that it was one of the most wonderful things that ever happened in their life.

Hopefully, some miracles would happen and I can go attend the WYD. 😀

What’s with the WYD that I wanted to go badly? I don’t know honestly, it’s just that there’s this unidentifiable reason that keeps me wanting to go. Well, I also don’t think the reason is so that I can fly out of the country, besides I’m not a fan of Brazil.

Next year’s World Youth Day will be held in Brazil, Rio de Janiero. And I’m interested in joining. =(( I know that would be more than impossible! But you never know, right?

HAHAHA what an absurd post.


Watch All Day

I watch two movies yesterday at the cinema. Skyfall in the morning and Breaking Dawn part 2 in the afternoon. So I got myself thinking how about I try to watch all the movies in the cinema in just one day. That would mean sitting all day but I don’t care. I hope someone will be with me when that time comes because I wouldn’t want to look stupid and loner. 😀 Anywyssss! Breaking Dawn part 2 is super cool! A must watch even though u’re not a fan or whatever. =D definitely made my day!

North Korea Tour

Last last month, I was surfing the net when I came up to a site offering a tour in North Korea. I was instantly amazed and said that this should be in my Bucket List! I told my parents about it and they at once disagree with me saying things like I will never came back alive. =) What a silly idea they have!

I was fascinated by the idea of going there. I kept imagining the way people live there. I wanted to see for myself and experience but I guess experiencing life there would be a bit too far for me to do (:

I know this is far from happening but you never know, right?