Word Prompt #4: Fave Fictional Character

Word Prompt #4:

Fave Fictional Character


I would definitely say KUDO SHINICHI. My ultimate prince that I’d marry him with no question if ever he becomes a TRUE HUMAN BEING. Huhuhu. He came from an anime series titled “Detective Conan” which is all about a young high school detective being the prodigy in solving whatever kind of cases but his body got shrunk due one night due to spying drug dealers and ever since he’s been solving cases through a body of a kid. HE FREAKING MADE ME WANT TO BE A DETECTIVE. I love you, Conan.


Watch it

Just finished watching Detective Conan Movie 16. As usual, DC didn’t fail me. So far the best anime I’ve ever watch.


KYAAAAAAAAA! I can’t get enough of conan-kun. Aww! Too bad he’s taken =(

Anyways, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet

I watched it here. =) And I am currently downloading it by torrent(use the magnet link).

YAYYYYY! Gotta wait for Movie 17 next year(April)? Dunno. HHAHA