Funny how  I thought it’d be easier to write something this time.

Yet here I am, I can’t even construct a paragraph.

I’ve been on my blog for like two hours and I just can’t say anything.

Yeah well, except this crap I’m saying now…

Have my mind gone blank? 

Oh okay, I’m just gonna say anything that comes up in my mind.

So, since my graduation, I haven’t really gone out to attend any parties or gatherings.

I’ve been totally avoiding the crowd as much as possible.

It’s not easy but I have to, okay?

Anyway, first day of April which means…


Okay bye.


Just Got Home

Hello! I’m starting to get really worried about my life here. I can’t seem to have a proper sleep every night. And all throughout the day, I resembled like a living zombie. Even now, as I’m typing this my eyes are starting to droop downwards and the weariness is now creeping inside me.  But I have to finish some things and yeah okay you may be wondering why I’m still here wasting my time instead of doing it na. I just get that feeling sometimes, you know, it makes me feel better after I’ve let my thoughts out. Even if it’s just a little comfort. 😉 So anyway, today I had my three exams seven more to go. Hell yeah! Tomorrow another one and another for the next couple of days, I’ll be out of everyone’s way and be busy with requirements and stuff. I’m just hoping for everyone to pass this semester and be over with this. 

My eyeeees are starting to get really really…sorry cant think of anythingxto say dnow. Night*YAAAAAWN* that was the biggest yawn of my life.