Lollapalooza ’16

Last July, I attended a music festival calledΒ LollapaloozaΒ in Grant Park, Chicago.Β It should be in yourΒ summer-must to do listΒ if you’reΒ in Chicago. Like if there’s Coachella in California, Lollapalooza is the shit here. I went with one of my intern friends, Helen. She is from Columbia and she’s just plain crazy. LikeΒ meΒ crazy. Lol. She made sure to buy a six-pack beer to chug before going to the event. So what happened since we couldn’t possibly drink the beers on the train, we started as soon as we got off so we looked like two thirstyΒ drunkΒ girls walking downΒ the streets in the middle of the day.

Man, it was not easy to get in. The line was impossible like just thinking about it now makes me cringe. It was so hot that day we had to line up for over an hour. I had no hat or no sunscreen for reapplication. But once we made it…πŸ˜­πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ it was worth it. We began to explore and take pictures. It was amazing! The enormous place itself, the people and their outfits, food stalls (lol), hundreds of portable toilets and jeez I can see people smoking weed everywhere!

We hop stages to stages, not caring which and who artists we’re going.Β We blend in with people and dance like there’s no tomorrow. πŸ˜ƒ It was awkward as hell at first, of course, but then I thought this people don’t even know me so I started not to care and dance the day away! I was all about jumping, shouting, raising myΒ hand, moving like crazy and doing all those at the same time all day it was draining. I had to buy a beer every time to keep up!

My finale was Disclosure, but Helen chose Red Hot Chili Peppers. I wish to do both and even more, but it was impossible since every stage is like a mile apart lol. So I was like, fuck it, I can do this alone and join the crowd. Good thing though this guy came out of nowhere, who also couldn’t find his friends so we both dance the night away! See? I’m proud I took a leap of faith going solo. It ain’t that bad, as it turns out.



I’m loving Tove Lo!!! 😍
Here’s the lyrics to her song Moments which currently is one of my favorites:

I grew up with a lot of green
Nice things ’round me
I was safe, I was fine
Grew up with a lot of dreams
Plans who to be
None of them know were mine
I love freaks, I don’t care if you’re a wild one
I love freaks, I don’t care if you’re a wild one
And me
I, I’m not the prettiest you’ve ever seen
But I have my moments, I have my moments
Not the flawless one, I’ve never been
But I have my moments, I have my moments
I can get a little drunk, I get into all the don’ts
But on good days I am charming as fuck
I can get a little drunk, I get into all the don’ts
But on good days I am charming as fuck
I can be the perfect one
But I’ll make you come
And I’m locked in your mind
You can say I don’t belong
That I’m so wrong
I can tell, tell you lie
I love freaks, I don’t care if you’re a wild one
I love freaks, I don’t care if you’re a wild one
Rough around the edges, memories and baggage
You know me
Never play the safe card, When I go I go hard
And now you know


Lovin’ every minute ’cause you make me feel so alive 🎢


Having a night class every day could be ermm…tiring. I mean waiting up for your next class alone for one and a half hour is just demanding. Waiting could also be a tiring job just so you know. I’m not complaining tho just saying. πŸ˜‰ Times like these I’m just having a ‘me’ moment. I can’t say my ‘me’ moment is a good thing. Not sure what to make of my never ending thoughts. πŸ’Š

Uhuh hunney πŸ˜‰ 🎢

Thank God for music!

I know you’re tired of loving with nobody to love 🎢


Sorry for those intermissions. Forgive me but I can only listen to my musics at my current situation! πŸ˜©πŸ˜… I’m still waiting for Maria to come to school then I’d have someone to talk to. Yay πŸ˜…

I hate evenings now! Makes me think of sad things. I don’t know(there goes my idk line againπŸ˜’) but I find myself always on the verge of breaking down nowadays. Like let me hear a Lana Del Rey’s song and I’ll loose it in no time! That’s why as much as possible I don’t stay up late now, my mind wanders to such extent that I can’t control in anymore. Then when I wake up, yay I survived another day now another day to face. It may sound like a drag to me and yes it kinda is but I try my very best not to make it that way. I mean every day is a blessing!

Now where is Maria? Ugh. Tagal ni teh!

Nights like these you will never be alone 🎢

The struggle is real! πŸ˜– Shucks.

Let me live no more please kung ganito rin naman. 😰

I cannot afford to be distracted again. Damn it me!

Focus please.


This too shall pass. Hopefully. πŸ˜”

β˜€οΈGood Vibesβ˜€οΈ

Holiday for today! I didn’t go with my mom because I told her I’m gonna study for the finals tomorrow. πŸ™Š But instead of me studying, I’m preocuppied of doing unnecessary things like reading books, writing in my diary and nonstop eating! Why now?! 😭 I have three major exams tomorrow and another three on thursday and last one on next Monday and voila! SEM BREAK! Can’t wait but first I need to study to pass my subjects specially now that I’m a graduating student. 😱 Anyway, calm down people! I still need to go the gym later. Maybe my mind will start to work if I worked out my body first. Aye aye so smart of me! 😁

I’m getting cray cray again! πŸ”« Too early for me to go apeshit. πŸ˜… SIGNING OUT!

Just A Dream

I just love it when my favorite song comes up in shuffle. And my all-time fave song ‘Just A Dream’ by Nelly came up first things first.

Oh oh oh. I was thinking ’bout her, thinkin ’bout me
Thinking ’bout us, what we gon’ be
Open my eyes yeah, it was only just a dream.

This song will never get old to me. I don’t know about this one but I feel nostalgic every time I hear it. Heard this first time on cover and fell in love since. 😍😍😍

That Fuzzy Feeling

I love drinking, don’t cha?
I’m not a drunkard! But from time to time, I drink alcohol with my family and friends. Especially when there are occasions like get together, semestral break, birthdays, school time and other days worth celebrating. Woo!

It’s no surprise that some people judge me for being this kind of girl I’ve become. But hey, I’m living a life here. It’s not like I’m drowning myself with these unhealthy fuzzy drinks everyday. Whatever.

My most awaited part, the head spin! Aaa! I just love the feeling when the room starts spinning and there’s disco light everywhere! Tho I just hate it when I’m getting spins in bed. It’s just somehow hard to fall asleep.

I’m not usually the type of person to create a post like this. But since I’m drunk and my head’s spinning, might as well as take the chance. πŸ™‚