I’ve planned to take part this year’s WYD (World Youth Day) in Brazil.

The other day, I received a very unfortunate news. My mom told me, the NEW bishop in our diocese did not approve the priests involvement in the upcoming event. The problem for me was that my companion to WYD was my mom’s close friend who is apparently a priest in our diocese.

I was so depressed and even now!

Did I jinxed it? Well, I keep thinking about it maybe that’s why it didn’t happen.


World Youth Day

Just another on my Bucket List.

I’ve been hearing things about the World Youth Day so I did a little research about it and found out that it is a one-week activity celebrating the Catholic faith. I’m interested even though I have no idea about the activities included. I have read some reflections and experiences regarding WYD and it got me inspired. They said that it was one of the most wonderful things that ever happened in their life.

Hopefully, some miracles would happen and I can go attend the WYD. 😀

What’s with the WYD that I wanted to go badly? I don’t know honestly, it’s just that there’s this unidentifiable reason that keeps me wanting to go. Well, I also don’t think the reason is so that I can fly out of the country, besides I’m not a fan of Brazil.

Next year’s World Youth Day will be held in Brazil, Rio de Janiero. And I’m interested in joining. =(( I know that would be more than impossible! But you never know, right?

HAHAHA what an absurd post.