I just got my new BIKE!!

Last week I brought my computer to somewhere to fix it and while waiting I got out of the shop and went to the bicycle store beside it.

When I enter, something caught my eye. It was a mountain bike (of course) and about the height of my hips and I like the style.

So I got home and told my mom about it.

She said why not?

Yeah why not really? haha kidding. She said yes that easily cause she’s in bad mood and can’t afford to argue more. Maybe.

But I’m grateful of course. Who wouldn’t, right?

So chadaaaaaaaaaaa…

Hmm..I don’t know if I chose the good one.


I figured out it’s just fun to ride in it in my free time instead of playing computer games. ahhaa

Hmmmmmmmm…what should I name it? Should I even?

Image DetailImage Detail

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