I’ve been working my ass off now for two consecutive day. My family went off to the big city and I was left all alone. All by myself managing our store, waking up early and sleeping late. These days where I wake up as early as five thirty in the morning and still had to travel for thirty minutes to get to the store on time. Unluckily, the bus driver keep slacking off so that I’m always late by five minutes and hail to the workers ’cause they were again saved by their tardiness.

So basically, all I do all day was to face the computer and either play Candy Crush Saga  on Facebook or watch movie. Yesterday, I found myself having a headache and still having now. Maybe too much radiation from the computer. Uhuh. But nothing won’t stop me from using computer. What the hell would I do if not this, right? Roam around the store and make myself look like a complete paranoid employer? Uhuh. Not gonna happening bro.

Today, besides my endless face-to-face with my dearest electronic friend, I’ve also found a very loyal friend of mine which was a ‘book’. So I’ve been reading this book titled “The Silence of the Lambs” by Thomas Harris. I know you guys are very familiar with it and maybe you’ve seen the movie already. I found the movie yesterday in this computer and have started watching it but then I thought that I ought to read the book first. I’m not yet half way through finishing the book and truth be told, I don’t understand half of the things they say but still it’s kinda interesting and I am  planning to finish it.

Okay, that’s all I have to say. Probably after I’m through with this writing, I’m gonna go check my Facebook account and see whether I’ve accumulated another life in Candy Crush Saga. You gotta try that game too. Everyone thinks it’s an easy pie game but not so fast, you better try it first. And surely after that, I’m gonna go back to my reading. After that, do some standing-walking-peeking check with my people(sounds big,eh?) and the cycle goes on.

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