This Guy

I have this guy friend. He loves to talk, draw and make friends with girls but he’s totally straight if you must know. Tho sometimes I doubt it myself.

On January first, he called me in the evening. Surprised as I was, I answered his call. We talked for like two and a half hour. Actually, HE did talk for that long. My responses were a mere words like ‘okay’ ‘really’ ‘nice’. Haha! I’m not a big talker on phone.

He kept blabbing about love and it’s making me want to gag. Seriously, he’s such a hopeless romantic. Oh, hopeful romantic he joked. *rolling my eyes* He admitted that he falls way to easy bla bla…


The thing is… I may have liked this person. But I don’t think of him much now. I can even talk to him now without feeling anything whenever he’s talking too cheesy.

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