A Recipe for Lately

Exactly what I needed to hear. 😌

and then there was Wednesday

Pretend you don’t feel sad for a while. Read big books. Fake a smile. Pretend until you don’t remember if anything’s good anymore. Bake cakes, and feed them to people. Do your best ghost impression. Love the people you love, despite feeling numb.

Watch as everything becomes good again, wonder. Lie about how often you spend studying. Procrastinate. Fill your time like life is an hourglass, when it’s too full let the sand slip through your finger. When it breaks, buy a new hourglass. Count calories, and then don’t. Feel sad, and then don’t. Love baking. Love your boyfriend. Love your friends. Think about love too much, accept that you’ll never be a philosopher. Get a job. Feel happy.

Never feel like you’re doing enough. Always be grateful for what you’ve got. Burn a lot of bread. Skype your parents, and realise that you are home, but miss them anyway. Put London in your calendar and smile…

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