June 19, 2018

Aloha everyone! Here at the bus station waiting for the next bus to come. I’m the first person on the queue, actually. I was not about to ride and stand all the way home, so I chose to wait for the next bus. πŸ™ƒ Today was a very distracting day for me. I could not concentrate well on my classes. Good thing, my Math class did not conduct a quiz for today. Oh btw, I just registered my subjects for the coming Fall term. Already, right? A bit fast, if you’ll ask me. That just made me realize that we’re half way done through this semester. Wow!

As usual, lots of reporting and homework happening. Today, I volunteered compiling and editing our business proposal. Even though, it’s another work and tomorrow’s my rest day. I realize I’d rather sacrifice a few hours than cry over my will-be grade for that paper. Some more things about school stuff: more paper dues for the next coming weeks and individual presentation in two weeks. I don’t know why I’m not that scared on public speaking anymore. I mean I know I’m not the most comfortable public speaker, but the thought itself is not eating me anymore. Unlike before, mind you, I’d rather be hospitalized than do the speak in front of more than 3 people. But of course, I’m glad that didn’t happen. Hehe. What was I thinking?! I’m all fine now though. No worries. Yo girl will nail this public speaking. ☺️

Anyway, bus is still not here. But I better stop using my phone now and focus on the music I’m listening to. It’s been a long day and it’s always comforting to listen to my playlist after a supeeeer long day!

Ja ne!


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