lost in my own world

I’m entering yet into another world of mine wherein I feel like my soul feels everything from joy to sadness. It’s a nice and peaceful moment for me that I decided to at least try to put this feeling into words. Thoughts put into words that are so scrambled in my head right now. There are lots of things I want to accomplish in my life as of the moment. It hasn’t gotten to a point where it’s overwhelming and I hope it doesn’t get to that point because it’s gonna be bad for me. I like how things are going now. I feel calm despite knowing what’s out there for me tomorrow would be chaos. I’m thankful that I can still have this kind of moments. I know other people find it hard to tame their minds. I’m so sleepy but I just really want to put some thoughts out here.

I have this other thing going on that has been lingering on my mind for a while now. It’s starting to pop into my head pretty often and it’s getting me anxious all the time. I wanna do something about it but my hands are tied right now. I feel frustrated and sad and I just wanna cry now. I’m such a cry baby. Will sleep now. Til next time.

Love lots,


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