Merry Little Christmas 2020

Holiday greetings from Canada! It’s currently 9 pm here in Vancouver. You would think there’d be some big Christmas celebration, but nope, no thanks to this pandemic. We, however, had a lovely lunch together with the host family and Korean housemates. I didn’t feel the Christmas spirit just until we were busy passing the food around the table earlier. Afterward, I just head back to my room where I had been and will be spending the rest of the weekend. I’m supposed to start editing another vlog, but my editing spirit is on vacation too. Mehehe. It’s okay, I uploaded three videos last week anyway. I want to have a glass of wine tonight, but I’m still full from all the festivities earlier.

I remember being in a bad mood yesterday. I’m not sure whether it had something to do with the holiday blues, but something doesn’t feel right. 😦 But I’m okay now! I had some wine last night on Christmas Eve while listening to my newly bought record player. Then, mom and I facetime-d each other for hours. I was just casually drinking wine in front of her and I suddenly felt old. I remember three-four years ago when I would feel awkward drinking in front of her, you know, like the thought that she knows I can already drink was kind of weird for me.

Wow, I had to pause writing for like good ten minutes there. Uhm, there were these thoughts and sentiments that washed over me. It was all over the place, but mostly, I thought of how days flew by it feels like a blur.

Let me end this post on a good note! Again, Merry Christmas! πŸŽ„ I hope you all got what you wished for this Christmas! I’m extremely thankful for the love and support from you guys. Keep safe and God bless always. Let’s spread love not hate πŸ™‚

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