What’s up? It’s almost midnight again. Lately, I’ve been having a hard time sleeping. I’m not sure if it’s my daily coffee intake that’s causing this but it’s not like I increased my caffeine dosage. Anyway, I feel so unhappy with my work. I wanna quit soon. I wanna quit now. I’m not sure why but I feel so restless.

I wanna quit my job… Ghad I feel so frustrated I wanna scream so loud 😦

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  1. I feel you… I had this dream where I go to different places, takes pictures, then get paid… enough to make a living. And then I woke up and prepared for my 9-5 job lol.

    Have something to look forward to at work, like some nice onigiri lunch. Or visit a new store on your way home. Reward and treat yourself when you get your paycheck. Make your work exciting again 😀

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    1. thanks droo…

      I do try to reward myself every after work like buy myself some wine or sushi or just anything that might cheer me up. I hope I feel better. I’m fighting it tho. I just get so frustrated at times and I question everything that’s happening to me. But I guess that’s normal to happen every now and then. I know the drill by now 🤣

      Hope you’re doing great, droo. And thanks for dropping by here. ✨


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