some little things

Hello po.

I have a lot to share with you guys. I’ve been wanting to write since last weekend, but I’ve been busy! It’s good, don’t worry. Being busy means I am somehow being productive and stuff. Anyway, the first thing that I want to share is that I’m finally fully vaccinated(Moderna). Joe and I had our second dose last Sunday. Afterward, we went to buy Korean hotdogs near the area. It was really tasty and cheap. I had the double cheese hotdog. The same night though, I started feeling weak and dizzy. My arms felt heavy. I woke up the next day feeling so tired and with a slight fever, so I called in sick for the day. The following day, I was feeling normal like nothing happened. Hmmm very interesting!

Second, my company is finally moving to another office location. If I haven’t mentioned, it’s been more than a year since I’ve been working in the storage room as my office. My boss finally did something about it and signed a lease to a proper office. Not that I pushed him to find something grand, but any decent office would do. Anyway, the place seems great. I’ve only been there once last week, but I liked it! I will have to travel by bus for about half an hourโ€”not too far!

Third, I have been starting to be active on my social media platforms. Ever since I got my new laptop last month, I have been actively editing my vlogs. I’ve finished two vlogs this month so far and currently editing another one. As I have said on my Instagram story, I am not trying to post weekly. It’s just that I am in the phase where I have the time to edit. Although I promised to post at least once a month. Soon it will be every week, maybe before this year ends.

Lastly, I’d like to say that with the recent unfortunate happenings in the other parts of the world, I am grateful to be alive and healthy. I want to extend this sentiment to you as well. Don’t forget to look at the bright side of things. Remember that we don’t have it bad as much as they do. Yes, our feelings are valid, but at the same, these unfortunate events should encourage us to hope for better days ahead of us.

me again,


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