2022 just started!

Happy 2022! How is this year treating you all so far? Mine hasn’t been all that bad until a few days ago. I got sick and I’m still recovering right now. I actually am not at work today, so I can just fully rest and get back out there as soon as possible.

I hate getting sick because I feel so emotionally weak like I know I’m not going to die or anything. I just wish someone was there to take good care of me. I have to do everything by myself like putting Vicks VapoRub which makes me lonely because my mom would always do it for me. 😭 Then the other day, I got food delivered good for 5 people but I had no appetite to eat when it came. πŸ₯² I don’t know why but I feel so fragile when I’m πŸ€’. It almost feels like I’m exaggerating it, but I guess not?

Anyway, I think and I hope I am getting better now. Thankfully the snow has stopped. Nowadays, it’s just raining which means the snow has turned dangerously into ice. My gosh, speaking of iceβ€¦πŸ˜‚ So just yesterday, I still went to work despite not feeling 100% good. As I was walking on my way to the bus stop, I slipped on the ice and almost fell! I loudly cursed as my face almost hit the floor. Thank goodness my other hand caught the floor first saving me from what knows injury and humiliation. 🀣 I stood up and quickly gathered myself. Unexpectedly, I laughed at myself and felt so much better like I just had two cups of coffee.

All things considered, I am grateful that I am alive and still able to write my thoughts here. I hope you find a reason to keep going in life. No matter what you might be going through today, you gotta remember that this too shall pass.

Thanks for the love. Stay safe!


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