Was supposed to write about my 21st birthday but I guess that could wait til I get back in Chicago for the weekend.

I’m here in Springfield for the whole week. I think I’ll be working here until my last second in the USA lmao WHY! Just a week before my birthday I was told I’ll be working outta town and I said yes–do I have a choice?!–so yeah all my plans got cancelled for my birthday. But hopefully when I come back this weekend, I’ll do something for my birthday yay. So I guess this would be my home for the rest of my working days in Illinois cause you all know about my one month grace period after this internship. I actually haven’t thought of where and what to do with my one month grace period but I’ll figure it out.

For all those who doesn’t know where Springfield is, it’s the capital of Illinois–that’s right! Chicago isn’t the capital of Illinois. Springfield is much quieter compared to Chicago which is why I’m still adjusting. It’s kinda sad of course especially if you’ve gotten used to the busy city life. I think what they have here are mostly government establishments and there’s not much to see really except for the Lincoln thingy idk much yet lol. But since I’m staying here for a little while, I might spend one weekend and get to know the city!

That’s just about it for now! But I also can’t wait to tell you about my 21st birthday. It’s just that I don’t think the story is finished yet cause I haven’t had a proper celebration so let’s wait for it and then I’ll tell ya. 🙂


That Fuzzy Feeling

I love drinking, don’t cha?
I’m not a drunkard! But from time to time, I drink alcohol with my family and friends. Especially when there are occasions like get together, semestral break, birthdays, school time and other days worth celebrating. Woo!

It’s no surprise that some people judge me for being this kind of girl I’ve become. But hey, I’m living a life here. It’s not like I’m drowning myself with these unhealthy fuzzy drinks everyday. Whatever.

My most awaited part, the head spin! Aaa! I just love the feeling when the room starts spinning and there’s disco light everywhere! Tho I just hate it when I’m getting spins in bed. It’s just somehow hard to fall asleep.

I’m not usually the type of person to create a post like this. But since I’m drunk and my head’s spinning, might as well as take the chance. 🙂

Drinking With Friends

I never thought I’d be doing this yesterday night.

It was Angela’s birthday and together with my best friends we celebrated at Magsaysay. We ate at Molina Grill and after that we went to K-MART to drink soju. I was with Angela, Maree, Czarinna, Pilo, and Janjo. I ordered soju and bought fruit juice to mix with while they ordered Tukbokki (Spicy Rice Cake). While waiting for our order, Angela decided to invite some of our close friends. She then told me to text Madel, Jamie and Kim. =) While waiting, we started drinking. Since I have a low tolerance in alcohol, I started to feel dizzy. I keep on going back to the C.R. thus making me feel more lightheaded. But that didn’t stop me from drinking soju. Later that time, Czarinna got picked up by her father went home.

After that, Jamie insisted we stay in her house for it would be safer for all of us. So Angela and others went to a grocery to buy some drinks while we head to Jamie’s house. I stayed there for like less than an hour and was picked up by my parents at K-MART. I was definitely trying to act sober in front of my parents especially with my mom but she caught me (trust her to know). Of course I didn’t deny the fact that I drank soju. But I’m totally in control of myself, I told them that and they trusted me(and I’m grateful for that).

So at home, my head was spinning and I took a bath to wash away my drunkenness and it did a little.

So that was another first for me. Drinking with my friends. So that’s how it is. There were other interesting things that had happened during those time that I didn’t include for I promised to keep my mouth shut. =))

Note: Never try running to C.R. while your holding your pee  and you’re DRUNK. You’ll be wishing you brought some extra pants/shorts with you. 🙂

Drinking Mixed Drinks

Last October 6, I went to my home town to visit my mom. Supposedly, my brother was to go but then he refuses and rather played on his computer. Whatever. It irks me whenever I got reminded of him being inconsiderate. It was my finals that next week(this week) and he couldn’t care less of my situation. Hello! How gentleman of him. Anyways, I was glad that I was the one who were able to visit my mom. That night was more than a blast!

It was nearly evening that day that my mom decided to pay visit my grandparents and so we were to sleep there. I was happy of course, since I missed them already and my cousin. In our grandparent’s house, we were gladly accommodated as always by the people there. And that’s one of the reason why I super love them. They are so nice unlike other people thereee. Anyways, before I elaborate further. And then out of the blue, my favorite uncle decided we go to VDS(bar). So I was like Hell Yeah! And I was more than ecstatic to know that mom was going with us. Me, uncle, mom, ate bb and manoy bugoy went to bar. Too bad this time, ate Rex (uncle’s girlfriend) was not with us during that time. During the ride to the bar, I couldn’t help myself surpass a wide grin 😀

It was my second time going to VDS. Last time was on December 2011, it was the time when I got drunk for the first time but not that drunk. So we took a seat near in the middle of the bar. I noticed that the band was a different one from last time. This time, band with three girls with kinda revealing clothes were performing. Hmm.. It’s ordering time! While scanning at the menu, I nervously glance at my mom to see if she was gonna stop me but to my surprise, she didn’t. =) So since it’s October, mine was Blue October, and they all order San Mig Light. Blue October is a cocktail since I don’t know if I’m allowed more than that, but whatever I don’t mind really. Turns out, it tasted good =) not too bitter and acoholish. When my cocktail was finished, I started drinking the San Mig Light and tell you, it tasted bad! And then after, I suddenly feel stomach pain. The feeling was like it was compressing or something when you were about to take a crap. After those ruining moments of my time, my feeling was perfectly normal again. I got a chance to order another drink, and I chose Blue MargaritaEww, I dunno but I don’t like the taste of it. I also got a chance to sip some Bloody HurricaneThis one was better than Blue Margarita. After some time of my never ending peeing session, I was already starting to feel a little light headed until it got worst and I can no longer control my head! And if not for the worst, I started to feel my stomach pain again! Urghh! Great, why now? And then, unfortunately, the pain never go way until I finally surrender and decided to go home. As it turns out, it was my wrong way of drinking that led me to this condition and headache. So much for my second time.

Next day, I was having my first HANGOVER. Haha. Now I know the feeling =). Izzz not good =P

Nevertheless, it was a good bonding with my cousins, uncle and especially with my mom. And I’m really grateful I decided to go home that weekend. Cause I wasn’t really supposed to because of my upcoming finals. Speaking, here I am again blogging instead of studying. What a responsible student eh?