Drinking With Friends

I never thought I’d be doing this yesterday night.

It was Angela’s birthday and together with my best friends we celebrated at Magsaysay. We ate at Molina Grill and after that we went to K-MART to drink soju. I was with Angela, Maree, Czarinna, Pilo, and Janjo. I ordered soju and bought fruit juice to mix with while they ordered Tukbokki (Spicy Rice Cake). While waiting for our order, Angela decided to invite some of our close friends. She then told me to text Madel, Jamie and Kim. =) While waiting, we started drinking. Since I have a low tolerance in alcohol, I started to feel dizzy. I keep on going back to the C.R. thus making me feel more lightheaded. But that didn’t stop me from drinking soju. Later that time, Czarinna got picked up by her father went home.

After that, Jamie insisted we stay in her house for it would be safer for all of us. So Angela and others went to a grocery to buy some drinks while we head to Jamie’s house. I stayed there for like less than an hour and was picked up by my parents at K-MART. I was definitely trying to act sober in front of my parents especially with my mom but she caught me (trust her to know). Of course I didn’t deny the fact that I drank soju. But I’m totally in control of myself, I told them that and they trusted me(and I’m grateful for that).

So at home, my head was spinning and I took a bath to wash away my drunkenness and it did a little.

So that was another first for me. Drinking with my friends. So that’s how it is. There were other interesting things that had happened during those time that I didn’t include for I promised to keep my mouth shut. =))

Note: Never try running to C.R. while your holding your pee  and you’re DRUNK. You’ll be wishing you brought some extra pants/shorts with you. 🙂

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