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I opened my window and curtain which rarely happens since I’m scared of the light. But I’m trying to change my scenery every day or else I’m gonna start banging my head at every four corners of my room. Anyway, I started playing a Frank Sinatra playlist and I instantly got into another level of mood. My room started to get chilly because it was windy outside and clouds were gloomy.

*Young At Heart by Frank Sinatra on cue*

Then my imagination wandered…

He and I dancing with these love songs somewhere simple and cozy. I’m wearing a pale yellow dress just above my knee paired with simple cream-colored doll shoes. My hair in braids with cute little flower clips around my hair. While he’s looking amazingly good as always wearing my favorite sweatshirt on him. And he’s got healthier hair than mine, I’m jealous. It’s just the two of us dancing around the music while we whisper sappy compliments at each other. Then, another creature comes at our feet begging for attention. It’s big and furry and brown: our adopted dog. We both looked down, “Aww, come here.” and we scoop her(yes, it’s a she!) up. My god, she’s heavy! The three of us sat on the couch and put the dog on our laps. My head on his shoulder and his hand around my shoulder. I feel safe. We both feel safe. 

Then my imagination was stopped by the overwhelming wonderful feeling. I stopped to savor the moment while looking out of the window. The clouds were getting darker and darker and I can’t help but still be hopeful. I want to believe that my imagination will come true. I know it’s kind of hard to think that far past this crisis at the moment, but there’s always something to look forward to, to get me to keep going. For my happily ever after, I’ll continue to live and stay healthy for my love ones. I will see them again. I will see him again. And when I do, the first thing I’ll say is how much I love them.


keep safe human,





A Look at My May Events

Almost end of the month events recaps for this month of May:

  1. I finally have my part-time job.

                 I was so clueless on my first day which was just the other day. I did the salad and coffee part for my first 2-hour shift and went to packing meals. I’ve known a couple people in my area, just not everyone as there’s quite a handful of people around. That was just my 4-hour shift. My next work schedule isn’t until next Friday. Not to say I’m not excited, it’s just that I don’t think it’s something I really want to do for the time being. But hey, it’s good to busy anyway.

    2.  I did my first hike of the year with a friend at Quarry Rock, North Vancouver.

               Joe and I just decided we’d go for a hike and we did! It was so amazing. Even though, we just commuted all the way to North Vancouver for about 1 and a half hour—for her—and about 3 hours—for me. Then, we were stunned by the beauty of the lake when we got to the Panorama Park. Such incredible view! We brought lunch and had our lunch by the lake/beach, not sure if it was a beach or a lake. Anyway, after the lunch with a view, we began our hike to the Quarry Rock. It was a 45 minute hike to the top. I actually thought it was gonna be longer, but alas, we made it less than an hour. And goodness, the view was breathtaking! I feel like jumping of the cliff, but that would be stupid. Haha! Gosh, what a stupid thing to say. Anyway, I guess it was called Quarry Rock because you get to see the whole view under the big rocks at the edge of the mountain. You’ll see bits of islands in front of the mountain and the buildings far ahead in the DT Vancouver. At that moment, how I wish my family were seeing the same thing because they would all love it especially my mom and baby sis. Soon.

     3. I cooked at least 5 Filipino dishes this month.

                  Yep. I cook now. It’s just me and my grandma living in a 2 bedroom condo unit and she’s not a good cook either! Hahaha. I basically have no choice but to cook for myself and for her too. Good thing Tacky guides me all the way for every dish that I make. I don’t think I’d survive cooking if no one was guiding me. Gosh! I don’t love cooking, but I don’t exactly hate it either. That’s why working in the kitchen area is not very appealing to me but it’s not something that I would say no to instantly.



Blog entry:

23 June 2016 10:28PM @Staff house Springfield

Thursday night which means last night stay in Springfield! I just actually got home not too long ago. My co-workers and I went to visit another co-worker that lives here to celebrate her post baby shower. She’s a Chinese so all the food served were different kind of Chinese pica pica which was interesting. I had a good time getting to know my family here in Chicago. After that, we separated our ways–as to there are two staff houses–and here I am now. Tomorrow, I plan on taking the driver’s exam first thing in the morning–just the written exam first.  I’m doing a scan on the rules of the road of  Illinois after this entry.  So Imma say buhbye now!

Signing off!