appreciate & love



I opened my window and curtain which rarely happens since I’m scared of the light. But I’m trying to change my scenery every day or else I’m gonna start banging my head at every four corners of my room. Anyway, I started playing a Frank Sinatra playlist and I instantly got into another level of mood. My room started to get chilly because it was windy outside and clouds were gloomy.

*Young At Heart by Frank Sinatra on cue*

Then my imagination wandered…

He and I dancing with these love songs somewhere simple and cozy. I’m wearing a pale yellow dress just above my knee paired with simple cream-colored doll shoes. My hair in braids with cute little flower clips around my hair. While he’s looking amazingly good as always wearing my favorite sweatshirt on him. And he’s got healthier hair than mine, I’m jealous. It’s just the two of us dancing around the music while we whisper sappy compliments at each other. Then, another creature comes at our feet begging for attention. It’s big and furry and brown: our adopted dog. We both looked down, “Aww, come here.” and we scoop her(yes, it’s a she!) up. My god, she’s heavy! The three of us sat on the couch and put the dog on our laps. My head on his shoulder and his hand around my shoulder. I feel safe. We both feel safe. 

Then my imagination was stopped by the overwhelming wonderful feeling. I stopped to savor the moment while looking out of the window. The clouds were getting darker and darker and I can’t help but still be hopeful. I want to believe that my imagination will come true. I know it’s kind of hard to think that far past this crisis at the moment, but there’s always something to look forward to, to get me to keep going. For my happily ever after, I’ll continue to live and stay healthy for my love ones. I will see them again. I will see him again. And when I do, the first thing I’ll say is how much I love them.


keep safe human,





3 thoughts on “appreciate & love

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