Me so tired.

I went for a jog this morning after for what feels like a hundred days finally I did it again. Anyway, I woke up really early! And end up being scammed by my friend. Good thing, I still have another company. Damn him.

I went for 5 rounds in Basilica Minore with Nard. But I think he went for 6th. Glad to see around young people jogging ‘coz before majority of the joggers were elders due to obvious reason, health. But now, more than half are youth and the rest are elders. 😀

Since it’s summer and I’m currently living in a tropical country which only has two season; summer and rainy. Sunny sunny sunny… I can feel it poking past through my shirt as early as 8am! Whyyyy must you be up so early in the morning! You’re giving us all headaches and frowns to our faces.

Today is only Monday and I still have four more days to go to survive this week.

Oooooh. I forgot! A funny thing happened today, like seriously! So maybe not, but come on We had a quiz at one of my marketing subject and there was this question wherein the answer was supposedly ‘BABY BOOMER’ but instead of that my girl seatmate answered ‘BABY BONER’ (she copied and mistook it as boner). Hilarious thing, not to mention the checker of her paper was a boy and when he saw it he let loose a loud guffaw. Maybe this day is not too bad after all. 😀

Good Morning

Why hello!! It’s great to be up this early in the morning! 4am! NO IT’S NOT GREAT AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT!

I supposed to tell you the reason to my being of super early bird this morning. Nard invited me to jog this morning and I said okay. I invited my other friend who by the way lives near my house. He said yes. And I proposed we go early to our jog place earlier than Nard ‘coz he lives far and he still needs to travel and all. So he agreed. And nowwww, I called him and he bailed out! That freaking don’t make me say it… Anyway, I got up too early for nothing and now I’m waiting for Nard to come by in my house and off we go jogging. Dayum!!

Rewind rewind! I wanna go back to sleeeeeeeep. Zzzzzzz but I can’t. I can’t just drift off to sleep and leave Nard behind now.

Night Jog

Last night, my mom and I went for a quick jog in Sagñay, a suburban area. We felt the rural tranquility of the place so we totally had a good time running. Too bad tho we didn’t have other company with us. The original plan was to jog from Sagñay to Nato, a beach neigborhood. But then, it was kinda late night already and there were quite a few motorcycles passing by the road PLUS it’s dark on the way so we didn’t give it a go.

Half an hour after running and squirming(yes, I did squirm a lot. Mom kept on scaring me whenever we pass a dark shade), we finally went on a stop and decided to visit my mom’s cousin. Spent another hour chatting with them while sitting outside their house. Damn. It felt good to just sit and feel the fresh air. It’s not everyday we see a road with nothing but stray cats and dogs.