Good Morning

Why hello!! It’s great to be up this early in the morning! 4am! NO IT’S NOT GREAT AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT!

I supposed to tell you the reason to my being of super early bird this morning. Nard invited me to jog this morning and I said okay. I invited my other friend who by the way lives near my house. He said yes. And I proposed we go early to our jog place earlier than Nard ‘coz he lives far and he still needs to travel and all. So he agreed. And nowwww, I called him and he bailed out! That freaking don’t make me say it… Anyway, I got up too early for nothing and now I’m waiting for Nard to come by in my house and off we go jogging. Dayum!!

Rewind rewind! I wanna go back to sleeeeeeeep. Zzzzzzz but I can’t. I can’t just drift off to sleep and leave Nard behind now.

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