A Look at My May Events

Almost end of the month events recaps for this month of May:

  1. I finally have my part-time job.

                 I was so clueless on my first day which was just the other day. I did the salad and coffee part for my first 2-hour shift and went to packing meals. I’ve known a couple people in my area, just not everyone as there’s quite a handful of people around. That was just my 4-hour shift. My next work schedule isn’t until next Friday. Not to say I’m not excited, it’s just that I don’t think it’s something I really want to do for the time being. But hey, it’s good to busy anyway.

    2.  I did my first hike of the year with a friend at Quarry Rock, North Vancouver.

               Joe and I just decided we’d go for a hike and we did! It was so amazing. Even though, we just commuted all the way to North Vancouver for about 1 and a half hour—for her—and about 3 hours—for me. Then, we were stunned by the beauty of the lake when we got to the Panorama Park. Such incredible view! We brought lunch and had our lunch by the lake/beach, not sure if it was a beach or a lake. Anyway, after the lunch with a view, we began our hike to the Quarry Rock. It was a 45 minute hike to the top. I actually thought it was gonna be longer, but alas, we made it less than an hour. And goodness, the view was breathtaking! I feel like jumping of the cliff, but that would be stupid. Haha! Gosh, what a stupid thing to say. Anyway, I guess it was called Quarry Rock because you get to see the whole view under the big rocks at the edge of the mountain. You’ll see bits of islands in front of the mountain and the buildings far ahead in the DT Vancouver. At that moment, how I wish my family were seeing the same thing because they would all love it especially my mom and baby sis. Soon.

     3. I cooked at least 5 Filipino dishes this month.

                  Yep. I cook now. It’s just me and my grandma living in a 2 bedroom condo unit and she’s not a good cook either! Hahaha. I basically have no choice but to cook for myself and for her too. Good thing Tacky guides me all the way for every dish that I make. I don’t think I’d survive cooking if no one was guiding me. Gosh! I don’t love cooking, but I don’t exactly hate it either. That’s why working in the kitchen area is not very appealing to me but it’s not something that I would say no to instantly.


Before And After Me

I used to love going out like A LOT.  And by that I meant drinking til I’m passed out drunk, going home past 12am, doing hella crazy stuff or YOLO for short. People who know me back in college can easily pinpoint me as one of those gals who is down for anything crazy and illegal. I don’t do drugs or anything major like that but more subtle things like drunk driving or anything alcohol-involved. I wasn’t always like that though…

Back before I became so open-minded and liberal-kinda, I was this geek girl who was a KPOP, JPOP, Kdrama, Jdrama, anything international-language-that-you-can’t-even-pronounce drama fan. I was this student who participated in Sudoko challenges in school. I even joined the Rubik’s cube challenge back in college with no friends to support me because my interests were too odd for them. I lost in round one though, but it didn’t matter because I felt fulfilled trying my best. I WAS THAT SIMPLE GIRL. Literally. I remember in my first year of college, I only had four or five t-shirts and two pairs of pants to wear at school. Everything I had was oversized shirts except for this one blue- striped blouse that I bought before school started. I was wearing it every week it became impossible for every single one of my block mates to have missed. How’d I know? A few years later, one of them confessed she could still draw that blouse by heart. See? I was this home-to-school school-to-home girl. But then life got in the way and decided to revamped my life. I started hanging out after class more. I learned how to wear skinny jeans. I got conscious and decided that three cups of rice per meal was more than a mortal sin. Although, I allowed it on my menstrual periods because damn girl give me some slack! Thinking about it now, I did became another person. I didn’t realize it back then because I was too preoccupied with the changes happening to me. My mom got pretty upset of what was happening and then the confused little girl inside me threw a tantrum and did bad things. You know, usual stories about good girl gone bad.

When it became too much, I begged my mom to get me out of the country. I was then in the U.S. for a year. Got what I finally wanted and learned to love myself again. I found myself beginning to return to who I was before. Even though, I couldn’t be the perfect replica of my older version I can say I have improved a lot for the better. Despite all of the hardship, I am very thankful for the lessons and experiences. I wouldn’t be me now if it weren’t for those.

But then, I came home late last year and got pretty depressed for a couple of months. Maybe because reality hit me again. My indecisive self could not keep up with things. Nowadays, I don’t hang out with my friends because I feel like I’m lagging behind them. I feel we have this friendship gap probably because I was absent for a year or I’m not in the same stage as them anymore. Also, the usual family dramas keeps on hunting me everyday. It’s sad and it did get into me. I almost fell into my bad habits. Almost. Instead, I chose the path that I didn’t choose before. I dealt it with positivity. I very much thank God because every single time that I almost did something bad, something will happen that won’t made me do it. It wasn’t just once but many times. It’s as if a sign from the universe not to give in to temptations. And I’m very thankful for that. Thankful for the never ending support and guidance from my family and God.

Now, I feel better than I have felt in years. Not just temporary happiness that you feel when you bought a new toy and the next day you’re like meh but that peace you know is lingering inside you no matter what stroke of bad luck you may encounter. I know this may not last. Nothing is. But for now, I am choosing to embrace this and be better as long as I can. Who knows? I may be eating my words in a few months but for now I am just really happy I got to have the chance to feel light and at peace again.





Hmm..What’s a good topic to talk about today? How about the fact that we still don’t have electricity in our barangay for 18 days now since the typhoon? But who’s counting, right? Oh, right. I’M COUNTING THO! 😫

Well, to keep myself busy. I’ve enrolled myself to IELTS review class in my former school. So back to being student, I get up everyday and get my lazy bum to work its brain which has been difficult for me since I hate school ever since but I gotta do what I have to do so it’s been a pain the ass. Nevertheless, I’m glad I get to keep myself busy despite not having work and also learn more and improve my English LOLOLOLOL. I don’t think so hahaha blabla…Anyway, I’m just waiting around for this month to passed so that I can continue working on my application for himitsu. Hopefully, everything turns out okay for my upcoming exams. Although, I haven’t been reviewing that much, I hope I find the inspiration to work on it since the examination is just the around the corner. Regarding my plans to leave the Philippines again, there’s not much a solid plan for that yet it’s a work-in-progress atm but definitely will be back in USA or anywhere out of here again soon.


Just Got Home

Hello! I’m starting to get really worried about my life here. I can’t seem to have a proper sleep every night. And all throughout the day, I resembled like a living zombie. Even now, as I’m typing this my eyes are starting to droop downwards and the weariness is now creeping inside me.  But I have to finish some things and yeah okay you may be wondering why I’m still here wasting my time instead of doing it na. I just get that feeling sometimes, you know, it makes me feel better after I’ve let my thoughts out. Even if it’s just a little comfort. 😉 So anyway, today I had my three exams seven more to go. Hell yeah! Tomorrow another one and another for the next couple of days, I’ll be out of everyone’s way and be busy with requirements and stuff. I’m just hoping for everyone to pass this semester and be over with this. 

My eyeeees are starting to get really really…sorry cant think of anythingxto say dnow. Night*YAAAAAWN* that was the biggest yawn of my life. 

Just Droppin By!

Hello everyone! How’s life? Must be crazy, huh. Anyway, you guys must be lonely without me spewing words here and there! 😁 I know I’ve been gone far too long than necessary. But hey, I’m living a life!

So about me…Some quick update with my life. A month before my graduation and hopefully I’ll be able to join this coming March. A week before my Finals and tada I’m done with studying. Basically, my life is hell at the moment and I’m close to lose my shit. I am under pressure with my acads with all the requirements and stuff to finish before due. I’m just holding to that thought ‘konting kembot nalang’ and it will all be over. 😌 Hopefully, I get to join grad this March or else I don’t know, I might seriously breakdown if I don’t make it. Will update soon! Promise! 😘


Ohmygosh! I can’t believe this day! Couldn’t I be more miserable?!

• Left my school ID and CALCULATOR
Had to passed the other gate because I left my ID. Damn it why did change my school bag again for the nth time and now look what happened! Not to mention I was getting late for my scheduled exam. Once I enter the premises, I was stopped by two guards and asked for my concern. Told them that I lost my ID. 😉 Take note that I’ve done this many times so at that point I was just like okay I’ve got this. But then when the guards asked for my permit that’s when I realized I left it with my calculator! My permit was slipped inside my calcu so that means no calculator for my major exam for this day. What a luck! I must have been dozing off when God showered his share of luck cause what happened next was beyond my imagination! I have never been questioned by any student official not to mention OSA! 😱 To my dismay, the guards call for the office of students affair and they let them handle my case. I got to talk to an officer and I was asked for my student information, reason why I left my ID blah blah shit. And I can’t believe the lady I talked to, she was suspicious ’cause I told her I have a subject like this and that today was my scheduled exam for it and she went blabbering that that particular subject was a Monday subject so why would I take the exam on a Thursday. AND I WAS LIKE AREN’T YOU AWARE OF THE DEPARTMENTAL EXAM YOU FUCKIN’ IDIOT YOU’RE A FREAKIN OFFICIAL WHY ARE YOU MAKING A FOOL OF YOURSELF. But then again, angelic as I am, explained that today was the scheduled departmental exam and then she was hesitant for a moment like she didn’t believe a word I said. That bitch! Finally she told me that I have to visit the office to ‘confirmed’ my lost ID. Fuck you. I ain’t going nowhere near that office I was fuckin’ late in my exam so I hurriedly went straight for my classroom and hooray I got in just in time. The only problem was I had no calculator and almost half of the question given was all computations🔫. Retake next sem = summer grad. 🔫✖️1⃣0⃣0⃣

• Jeep Incident + Traffic
Okay, so you probably think I should have gone early to avoid traffic, right? Am I right?! I knew it that was what you were thinking. Anyway, *hands up* it’s not a bit of my fault! The jeep suddenly just jerked forward and I mean HARD! And then all hell broke loose. Next thing I knew, people were pushing the vehicle until the jeep jerks forward again. And I mean this time a STRONG kind of jerking! Good thing my reflexes are fast. 🙊 Kidding, but I survived! That counts.

Need I say more 😂

•On my way home
Just when I thought my night was in peace, I tripped on my way home. Ouch! That sensitive part of the leg again!!! 😡 And hooray I was really trying to hold my patience cause in just a few minutes I’d be home but then! I don’t know what’s with this day… The world seems to be conspiring against me. The. Guy. I’ve. Been. Avoiding…was in the same ride with me. I couldn’t hold to just ignore him ’cause he’d be suspicious so I said hi first and immediately put my earphones back before he could start to chitchat me. The ride couldn’t get any faster! It was really awkward and much to my stupidity, I took off the ride and noticed the place was all too unfamiliar. Figures I took off to the wrong street. Smartass.

To my surprise, my favorite uncle in the whoooole universe dropped by with her wife and cute little baby. Also, tonight’s dinner was awesome! None other than my favorite Adobo! 😀 I guess this day isn’t bad after all. At the end of the day, I got to see my adorbable sister, my caring lola and my mom. I’m grateful enough not to mind those small matters! And hey, I only got one last exam for this semester then I’m done! 😌 Sem break here I come! 😔 Ughh… Why does my heart all of a sudden feel weird. Guess it’s gonna miss someone over the vacation. 💁 Let’s not fret about it!


slowly drifting wave after wave

☀️Good Vibes☀️

Holiday for today! I didn’t go with my mom because I told her I’m gonna study for the finals tomorrow. 🙊 But instead of me studying, I’m preocuppied of doing unnecessary things like reading books, writing in my diary and nonstop eating! Why now?! 😭 I have three major exams tomorrow and another three on thursday and last one on next Monday and voila! SEM BREAK! Can’t wait but first I need to study to pass my subjects specially now that I’m a graduating student. 😱 Anyway, calm down people! I still need to go the gym later. Maybe my mind will start to work if I worked out my body first. Aye aye so smart of me! 😁

I’m getting cray cray again! 🔫 Too early for me to go apeshit. 😅 SIGNING OUT!


So much happenings this first day of the month. What a way to start August! Not to mention, this month would probably the suckiest month of the first semester. No holidays or activities whatsoever and that means no time for vacay!

So here’s what happened this day. First thing, my uncle died yesterday (Okay so not really a happening that happened for today but bitch please ✋). Second, my baby sister got hospitalized last night due to a high fever. It always happen when her birthday’s coming. Poor cute little thing has to experience it for the second time now. Third, tomorrow’s my midterms exam on my two major subjects and I haven’t even opened my notes! Fourth, my dad got drunk way faster than I did(Not a bad thing but whatever). And lastly, it’s 11:13pm (ohmy, missed 11:11 😦 ) and I’m still wide awake. Everyone’s asleep now. Worst case is I haven’t studied for my exams tomorrow. Good luck to me!

Tomorrow’s another day! Carry on, bitches.

Just Let Me Vent

**WARNING** This post contains randomness that might rock your world. Okay, so that was pushing too far. 😀

Why are you still reading this? 😕
Okay do whatever you please. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, ‘kay? 😈

Finally got back in Naga! :))

Going to have a breather now, I think.

I want to end this summer class badly and jump right to the day when I’ll be going to vacay! I wanna wander around somewhere anywhere but here. My itchy travel feet needs some love!

Anyways, I was listening to Lorde’s ‘Team’ and this person pops up on my mind. Now that I think about it, how’d I associate this song to that person. Weird.

I NEED TO STUDY NOW! I have a long quiz on Monday. I surely won’t have time to study tomorrow ‘coz I’ll be over at our store helping my mom. I know I know I’m such a good daughter. Not to mention my humbleness. it’ll be tiring for me the next day but that’s just how my life is.

OMFG! Someone tweeted someone. Hmmm. ❤

I've been ranting too much now and it's probably more than you can handle. I need to stop, don't I? 🙂

Tho seriously, you probably think I'm some kind of a suicidal person with all the sad posts I've been posting. But no, my life isn't that lonely. In fact, I'm so happy and busy enjoying my life I barely have enough time to share it to you guys. Sorry 'bout my almost every week of ranting. The truth is, most of the time I'm actively writing is when I'm sad and lonely and confused and whenever I'm on the verge of crying. I dunno why!

*btw, this is a revised version. My first second thirdone got deleted.WHAT IS WRONG WITH WORDPRESS MOBILE APP?! I was so pissed when I had to rewrite the whole thing (Well not the whole thing thrice. Just twice). Somehow it doesn't feel right anymore. But oh well, what the hell.

Finals Countdown

This week is that time again. One week of dreadful time where I’m stuck in my room and having my “studying” session. That’s right! FINALS WEEK. *drum rolling* *rolling my eyes*

Monday – Physical Science (open notes but it’s just too damn complicated)

Tuesday – Philosophy and Humanities (essay! I guess it’ll be easy as pie)

Wednesday – None

Thursday –  Computer Concept  (easy as pie )

Friday – History and Environmental Science (seriously?)

Saturday – Accounting (my major!) *shoot me*

I am procrastinating again! Like right now, instead of studying here I am, writing this post.

Anyways, I am so excited at the same time nervous. I’m nervous for my grade because as I’ve said, I’ve been lax this semester. But whatever! Sem break! OMG! Just thinking of it makes me soooo happy. Finally, no books and assignments for 3 weeks =))). Thank God!

I’m planning to resume playing tennis this sem break and do some stuff. =) I have so much plan for this sem break. AAAAAAAAAAAH! I can’t contain my excitement anymoreeeeee!

Gotta go and “study” !



For your reference:

“Studying session” means 95% of my time I’m reading Fifty Shades, nonstop eating, watching movies and sleeping while the other 5% I’m spacing out.