Finals Countdown

This week is that time again. One week of dreadful time where I’m stuck in my room and having my “studying” session. That’s right! FINALS WEEK. *drum rolling* *rolling my eyes*

Monday – Physical Science (open notes but it’s just too damn complicated)

Tuesday – Philosophy and Humanities (essay! I guess it’ll be easy as pie)

Wednesday – None

Thursday –  Computer Concept  (easy as pie )

Friday – History and Environmental Science (seriously?)

Saturday – Accounting (my major!) *shoot me*

I am procrastinating again! Like right now, instead of studying here I am, writing this post.

Anyways, I am so excited at the same time nervous. I’m nervous for my grade because as I’ve said, I’ve been lax this semester. But whatever! Sem break! OMG! Just thinking of it makes me soooo happy. Finally, no books and assignments for 3 weeks =))). Thank God!

I’m planning to resume playing tennis this sem break and do some stuff. =) I have so much plan for this sem break. AAAAAAAAAAAH! I can’t contain my excitement anymoreeeeee!

Gotta go and “study” !



For your reference:

“Studying session” means 95% of my time I’m reading Fifty Shades, nonstop eating, watching movies and sleeping while the other 5% I’m spacing out.

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