Summer Plans

I swear. I wanted to like write a meaningful post but whenever I open my WordPress blog to write something, every idea just goes out of my mind. A little update then to tell you about my recent activities…I have done my two exams which was the GRE and IELTS. Both results were good, thank goodness or else all my late night sleeps for studying(lol who am I kidding!) would have been for nothing. As soon as the results came in, I started submitting my application for schools and so far I’m still waiting for some documents to be sent for the completion of my application. While waiting though, I do busy myself by helping my dad in his business and playing ‘salimpusa’—a friendly reference to someone joining in an activity, despite not really being a full-fledged member of the groupin his company. So yeah I figured it’s better than doing nothing.

Also, what else?

*literally took a whole minute to think*

Oh, so like last month, I already booked for two vacations for this coming summer. For April, we’re going to Boracay for a week. I guess, it’s been a really long time like almost 8 years since the last time we’ve visited and I bet the algae situation there has worsened, yuck. Not to mention, the heat that we are going to experience. Sometimes, during lunch I can barely take the heat then I remember we’re going to spend a week in the beach and I am like oh my god who’s decision is it to stay there a whole week?! For the month of May, we’re spending a 10-day vacation at South Korea which during that season is Spring so the weather is just perfect, actually. All of these trip agenda were prepared by yours truly and by that I meant the airline bookings, hotels, itineraries, budgets, visa and literally everythaaaang. Despite having those in my hands, it actually makes me really thankful that I’m busy. I can’t really afford to think of any other things right now.

Summer is coming but like my body is still in winter wonderland. It’s still hibernating that diet is not in my dictionary at the moment. Honestly, even my mom and brothers are getting real conscious because of how they eat recently. I don’t know why but it’s just too hard to watch our diet. Haha it’s funny ’cause like once in a while someone will blurt out while we’re pigging out—”I can’t keep on eating, there’s barely even months before we go to a beach”. 😹 Nevertheless, we eat and eat. 🙂 Anyho, that’s all for now. Mwa!


Things I Look Forward To

Hello guys! Sorry for the short posts lately, I was not really inspired. I just wanted to say how hyped I am with what’s happening to me these past few weeks and for what’s gonna happen for the next couple of weeks. Here let me list down the things I’m looking forward to:



Tomorrow will be the announcement for the qualified candidates to attend the 5-day leadership program in D.C. We wrote an essay about a leadership topic and then that’s it. I hope I get the chance to participate and if not, then better luck next time.


2. Phone

I also bought a new phone—don’t worry it’s not that expensive—for a few reasons. First, I want it. LOL I need not to buy a new phone but I figured I deserve a new few things especially I’m earning my OWN money. 🙂 Second, my current iPhone is locked so I couldn’t use any carrier here on the U.S. so not net which is really hard and complicated sometimes. Lastly, my phone’s starting to crank up since I’ve had it for three years now.

3. Phone Cases

I bought this adorable fur case, sticker, and wine case for my phone. I love it and I may have splurged on it but who cares.




1. Night Nation Run

This I cannot truly wait! It’s a 1st running music festival, you know, DJ’s be playing while you’re running at every station and at the end of the musical voyage there’s gonna be like a big party or something. It’s going to be so much fun, don’t you think so?! I’m doing it with Sheena so we better be ready to run a 5K.


3. Moving in with a new family

I’m gonna be moving out to this crappy house, finally! Oh my god, you guys don’t know anything but I have been living in a hell for months now. People here are so noisy, weird, and I don’t know if they’re even human. Possibly not! I mean like how can someone be so insensitive and play their music so fucking loud in morning and before freaking sleep time. Oh yesterday morning, I was still sleeping and dreaming when suddenly there’s this music blaring to the point where I thought I was dreaming about it then I woke up. Oh my gosh, so fucking rude damn it. DIEEEEEEE!


4. Indiana

State visit wohooo!


5. Lighthouses visit

My friend, who also happened to be an intern, planned this trip to visit the Lighthouses nearby Chicago—I’m not sure. Actually, there’s this CHI Squad that we created and the members are all interns from across the world. We kinda go together to different places when we had the chance. So now this trip, probably we’ll go the weekend after the run. Whew, my weekends are full!



1. St. Louis, Missouri

Spending a 3-day vacay in that state doing sightseeing and camping with CHI Squad. 🙂


2. Washington, D.C.

If I’m qualified for the program, then I can go to the capital of the United States. *fingers-crossed*



1. Duh, my birthday!

Seriously if you guys have any plans on staying here on the U.S. for more than a month, just make sure you’re not under 21 or else you’re gonna miss most of the fun—I mean if you’re aggressive like me.😂🙄 SO FINALLY, I’m turning 21! Did you guys know about wearing a sash and a crown when turning 21? No? Well it’s a thing here, maybe I should do it lol. 😏

Bitch, that’s gonna be me when the bartender asks for my I.D.Kx0gwvQ

2. Niagara Falls

Still pending. But would it not be amazing to see the grand scenery of Niagara Falls?!


3. Color Run

Haven’t bought tickets we’re still thinking about it. Psyched!



1. Lollapalooza

It’s amazing how the tickets sold out fast. I had to wait for like two hours just to get past through the front gate and buy the tickets. But this is so far my most awaited event. I’m so ready! 💁🏼


2. Coldplay Concert

Sheen and I bought tix for their concert. We were aiming for a JB or Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato concert but the tickets were soaring and mostly were sold out anyway.  Let’s rock! Lol okay they’re not exactly a rock and roll band. 😂 But hey, they’re not that bad.


3. Foam Glow 5K

Another run. Hell yeah! Sheena and I are a serious runner. 😂


4. Las Vegas, Nevada

O.M.G. I’m 21 by that time! 😏 NYEHHEHHHEHEHHEHEHE 😈 Need I say more? And what’s great about us going there, it’s a company paid. There is this CPE convention that accountants should attend in Vegas but who says we’re required to attend that boring lecture? Lol hopefully boss won’t require us to attend the lecture and let me and Sheena wander around the Sin City. Also, there is going to be a night/ball event or something because it’s our boss’s wedding anniversary. Grand, I know!


5. Page, Arizona

We might drive by the Antelope Canyon when we go to Las Vegas if we have chance.


I’ll stop here for now. I remember it’s Monday tomorrow. Good night guys!


Disclaimer: Gifs aren’t mine. 


Oh Bother!

Yes, you have seen it right. It’s ‘bother’ not ‘brother’. I’ve heard it said from my favorite character Pooh every time he’s irritated! ^^ Haha. I love Pooh. And please! He’s not a gender confused bear. He is a BOY and he is adorable without his undies. :))

I find it cute that Pooh makes it sound angelic instead of saying ‘you motherfucker sonofabitch’. He’s such a charmer, isn’t he? 😀 I know I know. But he’s already taken by me so back off, bitch. Nyahaha.

So enough of my rant about Pooh. Let’s get to my life now even though what I’m about to say has nothing to do with the title above. :))

Last night, I was not able to join my friends in their night out. I had a family emergency so family first as always. Also, my mom asked me to open the store for today so I slept early.

As you may already know, my summer class is officially over making this day my first legit day of summer. Yohoo! But instead of me being at my bed oversleeping, I’m wide awake and sweating in our store. And the hot temperature is kinda making me feel drowsy. I wanna take a nap even just for a minute but there’s no one to trust to with the store.

Anyway, I’ll just have to look forward to this evening and hope to God my mom won’t let me come here tomorrow ’cause she told me she’ll be giving me the Sunday off. *crossed fingers*

Since today is Saturday, so obviously tomorrow is Sunday. Lol (Even I don’t find myself a wee bit of funny.)Wait, you’re trying to be funny by that? Ughh Oh shut up MY DRY SENSE OF HUMOR IS OVERFLOWING. Sorry ’bout that. Going back, while Sunday is a rest day for most, it is the busiest day for us because it’s market day for people. So usually, me and my mom are dead tired at Sunday night. Tho it’s pretty much every night, really.

So that’s just it.

And oh wait. I feel like going out tonight with my girl friends so maybe I’ll ask my mom about it. Depends on her mood tho. Huhu.

Au Revoir biatches!! 😁😁😁

Drinking Mixed Drinks

Last October 6, I went to my home town to visit my mom. Supposedly, my brother was to go but then he refuses and rather played on his computer. Whatever. It irks me whenever I got reminded of him being inconsiderate. It was my finals that next week(this week) and he couldn’t care less of my situation. Hello! How gentleman of him. Anyways, I was glad that I was the one who were able to visit my mom. That night was more than a blast!

It was nearly evening that day that my mom decided to pay visit my grandparents and so we were to sleep there. I was happy of course, since I missed them already and my cousin. In our grandparent’s house, we were gladly accommodated as always by the people there. And that’s one of the reason why I super love them. They are so nice unlike other people thereee. Anyways, before I elaborate further. And then out of the blue, my favorite uncle decided we go to VDS(bar). So I was like Hell Yeah! And I was more than ecstatic to know that mom was going with us. Me, uncle, mom, ate bb and manoy bugoy went to bar. Too bad this time, ate Rex (uncle’s girlfriend) was not with us during that time. During the ride to the bar, I couldn’t help myself surpass a wide grin 😀

It was my second time going to VDS. Last time was on December 2011, it was the time when I got drunk for the first time but not that drunk. So we took a seat near in the middle of the bar. I noticed that the band was a different one from last time. This time, band with three girls with kinda revealing clothes were performing. Hmm.. It’s ordering time! While scanning at the menu, I nervously glance at my mom to see if she was gonna stop me but to my surprise, she didn’t. =) So since it’s October, mine was Blue October, and they all order San Mig Light. Blue October is a cocktail since I don’t know if I’m allowed more than that, but whatever I don’t mind really. Turns out, it tasted good =) not too bitter and acoholish. When my cocktail was finished, I started drinking the San Mig Light and tell you, it tasted bad! And then after, I suddenly feel stomach pain. The feeling was like it was compressing or something when you were about to take a crap. After those ruining moments of my time, my feeling was perfectly normal again. I got a chance to order another drink, and I chose Blue MargaritaEww, I dunno but I don’t like the taste of it. I also got a chance to sip some Bloody HurricaneThis one was better than Blue Margarita. After some time of my never ending peeing session, I was already starting to feel a little light headed until it got worst and I can no longer control my head! And if not for the worst, I started to feel my stomach pain again! Urghh! Great, why now? And then, unfortunately, the pain never go way until I finally surrender and decided to go home. As it turns out, it was my wrong way of drinking that led me to this condition and headache. So much for my second time.

Next day, I was having my first HANGOVER. Haha. Now I know the feeling =). Izzz not good =P

Nevertheless, it was a good bonding with my cousins, uncle and especially with my mom. And I’m really grateful I decided to go home that weekend. Cause I wasn’t really supposed to because of my upcoming finals. Speaking, here I am again blogging instead of studying. What a responsible student eh?

Bungee Jump Jump Jump Jump Jumping in Macau Tower

I was in Hong Kong this summer 2012 for less than a week. I was with my father and brother. Hong Kong is a beautiful country but people there don’t have good manners so it’s kinda frustrating REALLY!

My father decided we go to Macau since it’s only an hour or two away from Hong Kong. So we went there by a speed boat. My father took a package tour to maximize the time coz’ we’re just on a one day trip. So they took us to different places, the casinos, buildings and lastly MACAU TOWER.

Image Detail
Macau tower

We first went up to 61 floor of the tower. It was an observation deck I guess. And what’s amazing there is that there’s a part in the floor where it is a glass and you can see through it and can see the cars down the road. My father was so scared he looked like he’s gonna pee at his pants at any time. HAHA! I actually can feel my legs trembling when I stood in the glass floor but then what’s Macau when I don’t get to try this. While we were amazed by the view, there were some people gasping in one corner, and then that’s when we found out that there was someone doing bungee jumping. And then at that time, I decided I want to try that out as soon as possible. Had I known that we were going to Macau, I should have brought my savings! My dad wouldn’t let me, he told me we were out of cash. Too bad! According to our tour guide, it’ll only take 4 seconds from the 63th floor to the ground and apparently the world’s tallest bungee jumping. Boy! that sounds exciting. My father and brother thinks I was some kind of crazy woman wanting to do bungee jumping. Why not right? There’s also a sky walking, but I don’t find the thrill in it. At the end, it was just another bucket list I have to complete. I’m planning to convince my father to go back to Macau. (Evil laugh) Wait for my return >:D