Bungee Jump Jump Jump Jump Jumping in Macau Tower

I was in Hong Kong this summer 2012 for less than a week. I was with my father and brother. Hong Kong is a beautiful country but people there don’t have good manners so it’s kinda frustrating REALLY!

My father decided we go to Macau since it’s only an hour or two away from Hong Kong. So we went there by a speed boat. My father took a package tour to maximize the time coz’ we’re just on a one day trip. So they took us to different places, the casinos, buildings and lastly MACAU TOWER.

Image Detail
Macau tower

We first went up to 61 floor of the tower. It was an observation deck I guess. And what’s amazing there is that there’s a part in the floor where it is a glass and you can see through it and can see the cars down the road. My father was so scared he looked like he’s gonna pee at his pants at any time. HAHA! I actually can feel my legs trembling when I stood in the glass floor but then what’s Macau when I don’t get to try this. While we were amazed by the view, there were some people gasping in one corner, and then that’s when we found out that there was someone doing bungee jumping. And then at that time, I decided I want to try that out as soon as possible. Had I known that we were going to Macau, I should have brought my savings! My dad wouldn’t let me, he told me we were out of cash. Too bad! According to our tour guide, it’ll only take 4 seconds from the 63th floor to the ground and apparently the world’s tallest bungee jumping. Boy! that sounds exciting. My father and brother thinks I was some kind of crazy woman wanting to do bungee jumping. Why not right? There’s also a sky walking, but I don’t find the thrill in it. At the end, it was just another bucket list I have to complete. I’m planning to convince my father to go back to Macau. (Evil laugh) Wait for my return >:D


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