My Little Angel =)

Hello again! =)

I haven’t been writing for ages. I know!

Ok so I just wanna  introduce you guys to my little sister.

Her name is Zophia and my family call her “Zoe” and she’s in 7 months now though she’s kinda big for her age. Lol

She looks like my grandmother ‘nanay’, that’s why grandma likes her a lot.

Oh by the way, I let her call me “mommy”. To tell you why, I’m 16 now so it’s kinda appropriate anyway. Haha! Nevermind.

So much for my blabbing. Here she is…

She can sit now

She’s tall eh?


So yeah, she’s much prettier than me. Haha! But she still don’t have that much hair so sometimes she’s mistaken as a boy. =p

HAHA! Isn’t she adorable?

I so love her! We don’t have any other picture together so I’ll stick to this. (^______^V)

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