Best Night of Czarinna =)

Everyone kindly greet my best friend a happy happy birthday! She just turned 18 this 21 of September 2012. She’s the first one in our group to turned 18 =) So here how it goes

September 22,2012 3pm onward The party was to start at 6pm but we ( Maree, Angela, Kim) decided to help so we went in their house first. We thought that  she needs help in preparing things like decoration, food or something but it turns out every thing was under control. Her house was kinda big enough for 50 people so it’s good. There would be a band playing too. At 6pm Angela and Maree went back to Centro to picked up the guests which were Czarinna’s college friends. Batch mates? Unfortunately, there were two parties at that day, one was Chenchen’s <– batch mate and Czarinna’s so our high school friend had to go there first and we just picked up them later that night. The party started as soon as the guests arrived. Czarinna’s college friend got a surprise for her and we were like ‘best friends here’ cause we got nothing surprise for her.

College Friends

Anyways, after that we ate andddddddd the food was great! Every one got like second serving and the dessert HEAVEN! After those delicious moments of my life, we   went outside again and listened to the band playing and we kept talking and talking. And we got this AWESOME idea! Why don’t we let her crush come into the party since we were going to picked up the boys later that night anyway why not let him come and that’ll be the most surprising and unexpected gift for her. Genius, right? Anyways, we planned everything and make sure that Monching(Czarinna’s crush) come to the party =). Angela and I went to picked up the boys in Magsaysay. When I saw Monching, I was like OMG he’s cute. It’s just that it’s the first time Czarinna actually has had a crush on a cutie =))). When we arrived at Czarinna’s we prepared the boys for the 18 Roses and I went to the DJ for the music and that’s it. Her daddy was her first dance and her favorite kuya was the second and so on. 11,12,13,14,15,16,17 …………………….MONCHING

She didn’t know what to do and so she wouldn’t let go of Janjo’s hand


HAhahA! Czarinna’s face was priceless, it’s like she couldn’t believe who was in front of her. Silly crush she have on him. =) After the dance, she went speechless and turned very red HAHHA.

Unfortunately, Monching had to go =(( Sad! Czarinna was more than HAPPY that time and kept on spacing out thinking about him! Aww, cute! Anyways, after that we just went on story telling again with batch mates, singing crazy songs, playing cards. When every one was feeling bored, we decided to rest up stairs(bedroom). There were three rooms, the two rooms were for Czarinna’s college friends and the other one were for us (boys and girls). It was a long time before I drift off to sleep. The boys were trying to scare us and then giving us a scary stories. Well, guess what it worked! I guess we went all  to sleep at 4am already.

Batch mates

We were woken up by Czarinna’s voice telling us that it was breakfast time. I wouldn’t leave the bed if it weren’t for her body pressing me against the bed. Ughh! She sure weighs a ton! =) We had another delicious breakfast, the food were as delicious as last night. Her college friend went home early and so we were left in her house. We played cards and did a dare  to whoever loose. Luckily, I didn’t got loose. Haha! We stayed in their’s until lunch (NOMNOM). We bid our farewells and thank you at them especially to her parents, for their efforts and everything.

That overnight party was sure fun! Two more parties to go, if ever my best friends would want a party. Anyways, reallly it was fun. I think the most FUN thing that happened was the presence of Monching. =))

smile 😀

That’s allllll and I know my English and everything isn’t good. I know that. =)) I’m still working on it.



I think I might have a crush on Monching though, that ok with you?

*killer eyes* from Czarinna


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