Happy 1st Year Driving Anniversary turns into Happy Lost License Anniversary

Great! My driver’s license had just lost this morning or afternoon. Maybe in my friend’s house? SM? On my way home? Car? I don’t know when or where it happened. One thing I know is that I was so stupid to even brought than license with me. I mean I know I won’t drive this day so why the hell did I even brought it with me. Gwaaaaaaaaaad! Help me please! I don’t know if I should tell my mom about this now. You know, my mom is still quite upset about my hanging out with my friends cause today I was supposed to be with my family. It’s Penafrancia Fiesta today so I was invited to many of my friend’s house. ANYWAY! now that I remember today is my 1st year anniversary of my driving! Ugggggggggh! I hate it! Why now!!!!!!! Do I have to tell my mom about this? I mean I plan to tell her about this BUT when?!!!!!!! OOOOOH this is killing me! I don’t know if I could even sleep tonight! OH MYYYYYYYYY! I’m having a heart attack! What would my mom say????? And she’ll think that I’m an irresponsible-soon-to-be-in-legal-age-girl and to banned me from driving and….and…and…. I’ll be forever doomeeeeeeed!

Wish me for the better I guess?



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