Too Late?

This is it! I just check my grades for my second year first sem. Out of my 9 subjects only 4 subjects are available. And all are passed! Except for one that has line of 7 huhu =( It’s okay as long as I’m not failed. There’s this one subject I’m waiting for and it’s my major. It’s either I retake the subject or shift to another course if I don’t passed. Since in the middle of the semester, I knew for the fact that I wouldn’t get passed the quota so it’s like I’m expecting for the worst now.

I’d like to pursue Accountancy and finished it but I wouldn’t want to waste my time either thinking that I can carry on when I can’t really. This is one of my crucial moment of my life. I didn’t thought that deciding my career would be this complicated. It’s like a now or never choice, something like that.

If I were to choose another course I’d rather take Legal Management. The only thing that worries me is that what if I don’t pursue law? I can’t imagine myself teaching in some school or working in a bank. Not now, I don’t want those things.

I am so confused right now.

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