What Happened This Morning

Good morning!

I excitedly woke up this morning knowing that today is my last class day of the week and I only have a one-hour class.

I wore my usual blue jeans, tee shirt and black converse. After I did a quick fix at my hair, I called my dad to drive me to school.
When I arrived at school, I half jump and half walk my way up to my 2nd floor classroom. While walking up stairs, I spotted a student wearing uniform and my first thought was ‘Seriously? She’s in her uniform’. But nevertheless my mind did a fast counting monday…tuesday…wednesday…thursday…friday…Sat– and it struck me. Today is friday, and I should be in my uniform damn it!

Surely when I entered the  classroom, my classmates were all in their uniform. Everybody was like asking why was I in my civilian attire and I had the same answer to them ‘I thought it was Saturday!’ -_- nosy!

=)) ♪♪ What a woderful day! ♪ ♪

I don’t know why the guard didn’t notice my attire, but it was for good.

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