Angela Was Here

Angela, my crazy best friend, just got home from my apartment. Earlier, we went home together WALKING. I was feeling hungry that time and so she was. So we bought almost anything that we saw in our way. We ran into a friend Jen, HAHA who was busy doing her project? We asked if she could come with us but unfortunately, she still has class. Unsatisfied with our little picnic, we stop by at our former school and ate NUGGETS! It was satisfying! Then we went straight to my apartment.

Here she borrowed my laptop and browsed for photos while we make comments and constantly laughing about it. The main reason she was here was because she left her things in my apartment days ago. And that day was when we celebrated the birthday of one of my best friend, Maree. I’d like to give another post to that story. Anyways, it was getting dark so she stayed for dinner with us. Trust that girl for not worrying about her curfew. Then after a while, she said goodbye and my dad and I drove her back home.

Sometimes it’s nice having someone to talk to, even if you’re just talking shit.

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