memories forever etched

It’s day 9 here at Japan. And today is especially fun. Tacky and I went to different places. First off, we accidentally ended up at Tokyo Sky Tree. We were supposed to change trains and so we went outside the station and saw that we were exactly at the foot of the tower and we get to explore the area. Then, went to Detective Conan Cafe in Shibuya. The experience was quick but memorable. We ate curry chicken that was styled as the pill ๐Ÿ’Š Shinichi took that made him as Conan, sodas and sandwiches. Third, we went to Teamlab Planets. It was surreal as what Tacky described it. It was, indeed. A must visit in Tokyo. Then after Teamlab, it was around 6pm and Tacky decided we visit Odaiba since it was nearby. It was just a 20-minute train ride. From then on, things got so much fun. We visit Joypolis, but decided not to play since it was probably packed and we didn’t want to be exhausted. Next, we went to a mall called Diversity Tokyo Plaza where we just stroll around. And just outside its vicinity was a life-size Gundam Seed statueโ€”or whatever you call it. Then there was this stairs full of lights. It was magical. Everything was magical. Somewhere along while walking, we passed by a shawarma mobile and ordered 2 kebab wraps. It was good and spicy and Tacky had to buy a hot tea for me because it was beginning to rain a little and I was getting cold. Tacky being a perfect gentleman gave me his coat. And so we were able to walk some more around the area and so glad we did because we stumbled a festival going on: Octoberfest. It was my first time to see Octoberfest being celebrated in the middle of April. We ordered 3 sausages and a sangria. We were having fun. At that moment, I was thinking that the day have been pretty much unplanned and that best things happened when unplanned. I couldn’t help but smiled at him and said thank you. He asked why and what for. I just replied, “Thank you for today.” He just simply smiled back knowing we were both happy and contented for the given moment. Far away from distance, the Ferris Wheel can be seen soaring up high. I wanted to ride it and Tacky agreed. It was a short walking distance, but Tacky kept on stopping on every convenience store we passed through. He was looking for something. He told me he wanted to buy this thing that will make my hands warm. He always tries his best to make me comfortable. He finally find one, but the thing failed to work. I reassured him I was feeling a little bit warm anyway. Arriving at the entrance of the ferris wheel, we were lucky there wasn’t any queues, so we instantly got in a ferris wheel. It was a 16-minute ride. The view was spectacular! We were quiet with awe and in that moment something struck me. It was the thought of leaving Japan and not being able to spend a day like this again. It was a thought my mind did not yet want to think about if possible. I got sad and just leaned on his shoulder.

On our long train ride on our way home, I was probably inches away from drooling on his shoulder which could have been super embarrassing. He still made me dinner and gave me medicine because I was feeling a little unwell. Now it’s past 1am and I know I’m sleepy already, but this day just can’t be done without being recognized, written or recorded in any way. This day might be over already, but the memories will surely stay forever. With a new day that comes means a day less before I get to leave Japan again. But it’s how life is. Regardless of anything, life goes on, right? Anyway, I guess I’ll try and have a good night sleep now. Tomorrow’s another day to make great memories. Let’s all make it count.



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  1. Japan is the first and only country so far that I travelled to…. alone. It was a great experience. Can’t wait to go back there soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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