Blue For Days

Just got back from the Philippines yesterday around 5pm. I was home around 8pm and started unpacking my stuff. I slept around 11pm and woke up 6:30am. And here I am at the moment on the way to my work at Vancouver. I feel sad. It finally hit me I miss my family. I get so teary eyed thinking about them.

This is why I didn’t want to go home in the first place. I know I’ll be feeling this way once I came back. It’s gonna be a hell of sad weeks for me. Although, I don’t regret going home. I’d do it all over again even if I know I’ll be feeling miserable afterwards. They’re worth it.

Looking on the brighter side, this motivates me to do better in Canada. The longing feeling always gets better. Remember that. It doesn’t go away but it sucks less in time.

*tears building up my eyes*

*tries to hold it*

*couldn’t hold it any longer*

*doesn’t give a damn I’m in a bus and cries*

*forgot to bring tissue*

*stops writing just cause it’s too much*

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