just a bit more

I miss vlogging, honestly. But I’m just dying out here tryna juggle my studies and work. Work is not a major problem, but there’s too much school stuff and my courses this term are freaking hard. I mean not the course probably but my professors are making it so complicated, I swear if we had different instructors, I wouldn’t bleed this much. I can’t even find the time to want to film. I feel so guilty even touching my camera when I could’ve been reviewing. Everything just sucks right now. I wanna get back to editing already. If there were even times that I seem to be having fun on social media, I swear those were the only times I was free. I just finished one bloody midterm and right after we’ve been bombarded with presentations and reports already. So close to having a good night’s sleep. I find myself sighing all the time, I’m starting to think whether it’s just the stress or my lungs are starting to fail. I cried myself to sleep last night even. I didn’t even plan it. I just couldn’t take it. It felt good though right after I cried. It was loud. It was messy. Lights were off and I just let it all out and I could imagine an ugly crybaby while I was in the middle of bawling and the image was kinda funny so it made me calm down a bit after. Today is another day, another day about to end and I decided to finally write something about it. What more can I say? This is life. I know it doesn’t end here. I’m not gonna study for my whole life. All I’m saying is fuck this I’m so tired. I wanna quit, but I’m so close to the end line I can almost see its shadow lurking. Konti nalang please.

One thought on “just a bit more

  1. In times like this, I focus on one thing first, complete the task, then proceed to the next. This clears my mind and makes me somehow productive. I know you know your priorities. As per Robin Sharma “Addiction to distraction, is the death of creative production”. Not quite the same as your situation but you get my point… Lol. Good luck Glaire!!!


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