how things are lately

Hey guys, how long has it been?! A lot has happened since the last time I blog. Not sure if I’ve mentioned that I’m finally done with school, but I think I might have mentioned that already. My work from home setup has stopped two months ago. It’s been back to normal here in BC for a couple of months now, that’s why WFM kind of no longer makes sense in my position.

I’ve also moved out of my old place. I didn’t think it was gonna happen until later this year or even early next year, but it did. It was the most stressful week for me that has happened after graduating. I like the new place I’m staying at. I have a spacious room that I am renting. Of course, I still can’t afford to pay for my own place. Real estate here in Vancouver is crazy high. But the best thing is I’m not cooking my food anymore! I’m finally eating properly—maybe even more than necessary. It’s kinda a homestay, so food is being prepared for us. I no longer have to stress about what to cook after a long day of work. One of the great things as well is that I’m now only a 20-minute walk away from my workplace, which saves me a lot for my fare. And I can just easily allocate that to my rent expense.

All things considered, I’m very satisfied and contented with how things are doing regarding my wellbeing. I could always wish for a much comfortable way of living, but that’s not going to help me grow as a person. I’m still adjusting from being a part-time employee to a full-time one. It’s amazing how time flies so fast. Now, I wake up every day and do the same thing all over again. When I was still studying, things were a bit unpredictable. However, I would still choose where I am right now. I like moving forward, even though sometimes, all I do is rant about how things are hard in life. It’s how I cope up, I guess. At the end of the day, I always end it with me being grateful for everything that I have. I always think that I’m in a much better place than before no matter how things are hard. But of course, this is also because I have a great support system in my life.

Hopefully, you guys are hanging in there. I know it’s a tough time. I would just like to say that being sad, unproductive, angry, and all kinds of negative energy and feelings are okay to be felt right now. But also, it doesn’t mean that we can live in that state for too long. There is always someone and something that could uplift us from whatever we’re feeling. We just gotta be open-minded and ready for it to change us. Remember that at this time, people need each other, so don’t be a stranger to anyone especially at this time of crisis.

Love lots and wear your mask,

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